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Pity the poor internet marketer and web developer. How frustrating it must be to have everything you do, regardless of how good it is, lumped in with what every other internet marketer and web developer does.

A web developer might work in a basement, or for the highest valued company in the world. An internet marketer might use common trickery to get your site a higher web ranking, or develop a web presence that becomes your biggest revenue stream.

More mature industries have developed terms that describe the level of quality and expertise you can expect. In the clothing industry, for example, you could make value-priced clothing, off-the-rack clothing, ready-to-wear, fashions, high fashion and haute couture.

There’s nothing wrong with any category and, because they exist, the buyer is more aware of what he or she is dealing with and the clothing maker is not saddled with issues outside of his/her clothing niche.

Not so with web developers. Instead of buyer aware, it is buyer beware. Too often we see things like “web site design - $500.00” and automatically we think that is the value of web design – that web design is the same from one supplier to the next and one, being the cheapest, is a better value than the other

To measure the true value of web design you need to compare the $500.00 design with one that is tailored to your company/product, your goals, your customers and is focused on converting site visitors into paying customers.

Which one will generate more business leads and, ultimately, more revenue?

What is the true value of each site?

The $500.00 site will probably never show a return on your investment. The tailored, focused and business generating site will probably never stop generating a return on investment. If it does, find out why and/or change suppliers.

Don’t think because you have found a “web developer” at an unbelievably low price that you will get the best value for your money.


Max Kalles is a partner and conversion marketing specialist with Orange Digital Marketing.  Small business marketing has become increasingly competitive.  It is no longer just a matter of having a website and getting ranked in the search engines.  In any given industry many companies rank at the top.  The companies that generate leads and sales online are the ones that find a way to be unique by communicating a clear and strong marketing message to their potential customers. ...

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