Need an Economic Stimulus Package?

Hey, if its good enough for the US government, what about an economic stimulus package for your company? A shot of capital is just what the financial gurus recommend to help you survive the downturn.

“Hold the phone!” you say, where will the “stimulus” money come from? If you had the resources for your own stimulus package, you wouldn’t need a stimulus package.

Here’s how you can generate more money when revenue slows down. Get more business.

Yes, some things are easier said than done, but nothing was ever gained without taking action.

While traditional media try to sell newspapers with gloom and doom predictions, keep a close eye on reality. Double-digit unemployment is forecast, and possible, but it is not unprecedented. We managed to survive many years of double-digit unemployment in the mid-90s.

The 7.2% rate that the media heralds as a harbinger of doom seems like a holiday in comparison. Over 9 out of 10 people are working. They may not be spending as much, but they are spending. We won’t know how bad the situation will be until we get there, but we are definitely not there yet.

Now is the time to develop your own economic stimulus package by getting a larger share of your market. Doing so will reduce the effects of any down turn. But, it might mean changing your approach to customers.

Your web site and internet marketing are key to the new approach. Customers need solutions that fit their stage of the buying cycle. Car salespersons know that “tire kickers” don’t want contracts pushed on them.

The beauty with your web site and internet marketing is you don’t even need to know where a customer is in their buying cycle. With a well-planned and executed internet marketing strategy, your customers will find the messages they need. They will more likely see your company or product as the right solution for their needs, whether they are kicking tires or ready to buy.

If you are not already taking full advantage of the largest marketplace in history, you will give your company a nice economic stimulus package when you do.


Max Kalles is a partner and conversion marketing specialist with Orange Digital Marketing.  Small business marketing has become increasingly competitive.  It is no longer just a matter of having a website and getting ranked in the search engines.  In any given industry many companies rank at the top.  The companies that generate leads and sales online are the ones that find a way to be unique by communicating a clear and strong marketing message to their potential customers. ...

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