Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips to Creating Success From the "Inside Out"

Tip 1 : Build a strong foundation

What do I mean by a strong foundation? Would you consider putting a roof on a house unless it had a strong foundation? Of course not! Yet you would be surprised at how many people try to market their services without believing in themselves.

Tip 2: Identify and reprogram your self-limiting beliefs

Here are some typical examples of actual beliefs I have heard over the years:

"Life is a struggle"

"It's selfish to want more money"

"It's not safe to toot my own horn"

Can you see why any of these beliefs would stop a person from succeeding? What are your own self-limiting beliefs?

Tip 3: Reverse your self sabotaging strategies

Did you know that we all have a saboteur? We all have our dreams and we all have a part that tries to sabotage them, for our "own good". For example I was working with a client today, who realized that even though she had a good business plan, she was never able to work her plan because of the resistance form her Self saboteur.

What are your self sabotaging patterns? How do they show up in your life?

Tip 4: Use your mind and emotions to create your empire

How many times do you find yourself focusing on what you don't want? There is something called The Law of Attraction. It basically teaches that like energy attracts like energy and you get what you focus on.

So, what do you usually focus on? The lack of clients, the lack of income, the lack of time? Guess what? That will bring in more of the same. So, instead ask yourself, "so, what do I want"?

Tip 5: Learn ways to release your fears

Fear is not real. It is False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.)

To create success from the inside out, use a powerful tool like the STOP Technique. The way to do it is to notice whenever your mind goes into a fear thought, after noticing, take a deep breath and the put in an Empowering Thought, like," I have all I need to succeed." What positive new thoughts are you needing to hear?

Keep a journal and note how many times a day you use the STOP technique. Congratulate yourself for your vigilance.

Tip 6: Know the value you offer

This may seem hard to believe but in my coaching of coaches, real estate agents, and other professionals I have seen time after time how people fumble with this concept.

Instead, identify your value, i.e. your unique selling point. What are you really good at? Write a list of what makes you stand out among the competition.

Tip 7: View marketing as "giving" not "taking".

I suspect a lot of us are giving and generous and because of that we don't want to impose on anyone. However, you will experience a big shift when you realize that what you have to offer is a gift. Spreading the word about yourself is not "selfish" or "taking".

It would actually be selfish to deprive humanity of your gift. So what are you here to give humanity?

Author:. Maya Bailey PhD is a small business and mindset coach. She helps her clients beat procrastination, replace self-doubt with self-confidence, and make Multiple 6 Figure Incomes, while cutting down their work hours to less than 30 hours a week. For more information or to receive a Complimentary Consultation, just go to Go Deeper | Website

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