Marketing strategies: Procrastination and the Fear of Failure

Did you know that 9 out of 10 business owners suffer from procrastination at some time in their career? Most of the time they are puzzled by this pattern they often stay stuck in procrastination for weeks, months and sometimes years not understanding what is going on. Having been a business coach for success minded professionals for over 12 years, I have found that it's easy to release the habit of procrastination and get to action once you know what is going on.

I was working with a client today and during the coaching process she became aware that the procrastination was a kind of protection for her. As we went back to the origins of this behavior, she realized that in growing up most of her efforts to succeed with her parents were met with the attitude of, "it's never good enough".

She had fallen into the habit of performing less and taking less action. This was her way of protecting against being disapproved of or falling short of her parents expectations. In this way the pattern of procrastination actually served her well when she was growing up.

I was able to guide her into realizing that the procrastination pattern no longer had the benefits it once did.

In fact her pattern of procrastination was creating:

* Barriers to reaching her goals

* Feelings of inferiority

* Anxiety over things not accomplished

Once she realized that the habit that once had so many benefits for her now only hurts her, she was able to install some new empowered beliefs such as:

* I am so happy and grateful that the only person's approval I need is my own

* I am so happy and grateful that I'm organized and focused

* I am so happy and grateful that I enjoy doing things in a timely fashion

* I am so happy and grateful that as I give my business 100%, I reach my full potential

* I am so happy and grateful now that I attract an abundance of prosperity

Releasing yourself from the habit of procrastination requires some inner reflection to understand what comfort zone procrastination creates for you. Once you understand it's original positive intention, you can easily change the old beliefs and install new Empowered beliefs.

Author:. Maya Bailey PhD is a small business and mindset coach. She helps her clients beat procrastination, replace self-doubt with self-confidence, and make Multiple 6 Figure Incomes, while cutting down their work hours to less than 30 hours a week. For more information or to receive a Complimentary Consultation, just go to Go Deeper | Website

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