The Benefits of Giving Appreciation in the Workplace

Did you know that the need for appreciation is a basic human universal need? According to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the need for appreciation is right up there with the need to be connected, the need to be understood and the need to be acknowledged.

In my 20 years as a psychologist, and my 15 years as a business coach, I’ve witnessed the many benefits and breakthroughs that my clients receive when they add daily doses of giving and receiving appreciation to their life.

Here are just a few of the many benefits I’ve witnessed.

Appreciation is a mood enhancer.

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, whenever we are given a gift by someone, our body creates an increase of serotonin in our brain. Not only that; but the person receiving the gift also receives an increase of serotonin.

The key here is to realize that appreciating someone is a gift. It doesn’t matter if you compliment them on their work or their outfit, it is received as a gift. When was the last time you gave the gift of appreciation to yourself or a coworker?

How did you feel?

Appreciation increases the feeling of connection.

When we appreciate someone, we are increasing the bonding with that person. The bigger the appreciation, the more bonding.

Did you know that when we feel bonded, or connected, we are receiving an increase of the hormone oxytocin? Oxytocin is described as the “feel good“ hormone. Is there someone that you’d like to feel a deeper connection with? Try the gift of appreciation and see what happens.

Also, notice what happens when you receive appreciation. Are you able to let it in? If you’re at a loss for words, just say “Thank You”.

Appreciation boosts productivity.

Don’t you want to work harder for someone who appreciates you?

Actually, when we feel rewarded with appreciation, we want to give back.

Do you manage people who might be feeling underappreciated? Make a point every day to appreciate each of these people and then notice the increase of production.

How do you give appreciation?
It’s so simple. Just say to someone, “I really appreciate you for…..” The more specific you can be with your appreciation the better. When the desired outcome is increased productivity, find some private time with a person you manage, and give them a heartfelt compliment on what you appreciate about their work.

What if you are a Solopreneur, like myself? I’ve learned over the years to master the art of Positive Self Talk. If my mood is feeling anything less than great, I talk to myself and pump myself up.

Some phrases I recommend are, “Good Job”, or “I am really proud of you for…” and I remember to appreciate myself not just for outcomes but also for efforts. For example, “I really appreciate your efforts to communicate with that person who’s difficult for you.”

When is the last time you talked positively with yourself?

Monitor your mood on an hourly basis. If you notice that you are feeling down, you are probably forgetting to nurture your basic human universal need of feeling appreciated. Use the phrases I mentioned above and feel the difference. Also when you’re looking in a mirror, remember to derail the criticisms that you automatically use, and replace them with compliments. The “Inner Critic” is often said to hide in the bathroom mirror, and gets you when you least suspect it.

In summary, whether you work with others or by yourself, you can receive daily benefits by adding appreciation to your daily repertoire. You’ll be receiving:

  • A boost of serotonin and oxytocin; both “feel good” chemicals that our body automatically makes when we feel appreciated.
  • You will increase productivity in your business and raise morale at the same time.
  • If you are a Solopreneur, you will raise your mood, your energy, and motivation, simply by practicing positive self talk.
Of course if you work on your own, don’t forget to give appreciations to people you interact with during the day both personally and professionally.

Who would’ve thought so many benefits could come from one simple exercise - simply remembering to give daily doses of appreciation to yourself and others.

Author:. Maya Bailey PhD is a small business and mindset coach. She helps her clients beat procrastination, replace self-doubt with self-confidence, and make Multiple 6 Figure Incomes, while cutting down their work hours to less than 30 hours a week. For more information or to receive a Complimentary Consultation, just go to Go Deeper | Website

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