How to Red Bull Your Business to Energize Results

Ever wish you could inject a little Red Bull pick-me-up into your sales? Maybe you’ve lost a little of your mojo and your Venti Triple Caf Mocha Latte just isn’t doing its usual trick to get you into motion.

It’s probably time to re-energize your business – and you are the prime target.

Seriously, when your focus, passion or drive is in the dumps your business results pay the price. And when you get too deep into the muck it can be difficult to pull yourself back up quickly.

I’ve pulled three of the most common energy drains and the “re-energize tips” to solve them from my Re-Energize Your Business coaching series that I believe make the biggest difference quickly.

Time Bandits

Time bandits steal time away from your priorities – usually because you’ve gone unconscious to how your time is being used.

Your daily habits are often the biggest offenders. Unfortunately most of us fall prey to activities that do not generate the results we want. Either we get sucked into time wasters (activities that are reactive or allow us to avoid success) or stuck on tasks that are the wrong activities to produce desired results.

The key to stop time bandits and get back on track is to learn what your highest payoff activities ARE and commit to engage them consistently.

Head Trash

If your mind is focused on what can’t happen or is consumed with the survival of just getting by, it’s difficult to elevate your vision to the extraordinary success that is waiting for you. Often we are so focused on the problems and what we have to do to “fix it” that our mind is constantly swirling in negativity and drama.

Our thoughts have a huge impact on our actions (or lack of action) and in order to change your external results you have to be willing to transform the inner game in a way that allows you to see what’s possible.

The key to eliminating head trash is to recode your mindset and create a daily practice to feed your brain powerful, elevating and inspiring information. We have to take responsibility for what goes in…and how well we manage the temptation to let that head trash run our lives!

Energy Drains

Who and what you allow into your life and business can power you up…or drain you dry. Boundaries are the ways in which you protect your integrity, energy and life force to achieve greater results.

Here are a few areas where boundaries may need to be strengthened:

- Interruptions from your team, clients or well-meaning friends

- Fire drills from others who don’t plan well

- Non-aligned clients who drain your energy

- Accounts that are delinquent

- Opportunities that are distractions to your goals

- Live speaking or telesummits that are not serving your target audience

If you find that your boundaries are weak and you’ve slid into the muck you can get back on track quickly. Reclaim your energy by making a new decision to say yes to what supports your goals. Be sure to “educate” the boundary offenders politely by stating clearly a better way to engage you in the future.

Author:. Melanie Benson is a revenue strategist, Mindset expert and the go-to person when you want to create financial success beyond selling an hour of your time. With 15 years as a success coach, Melanie helps fast paced, visionary entrepreneurs accomplish bigger goals, expand their income beyond 6 figures while creating more time for what's important.

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