Who’s Recovering the Quickest – Is it You?

We hear that the recession is on the wane and that there may be growth this year, albeit with high unemployment plaguing us for a while. Notwithstanding that you as the self-employed entrepreneur may not yet be feeling a recovery, it is happening. Let me first be up front in saying that my views are my own.

My prediction of who among our local community small companies will emerge earliest and strongest out of this recession are those that are out there being visible and accessible. Yes, that means advertising and marketing, which of course means dollars. But more importantly and with much smaller investment of actual dollars spent are those companies and entrepreneurs out networking and making new friends.

There is a lot of pent up buying power built over the last year as people have avoided buying anything that could be delayed. But after a year of holding off spending, many of my clients are now thinking about things they really need to purchase. As they begin the pre-buying activities of asking questions, forming feature lists, and finding vendors, they are doing it out in the community.

That is, they are talking to people in their churches, their Rotary clubs, their networking groups, and their friends. If your company is active in the community, you may have already noticed the increased number of conversations and requests for proposals. Being active and visible gives the message that you are not only still in business (unlike many of your peers) but also surviving and attracting new prospects and clients.

If you are among that other pessimist group who is waiting for things to get better and then you will get out and market, you are missing the boat. Your competitors are gaining visibility, credibility, and activity that can lead to new clients over the next few months.

Let me be bold in saying that if you are not out having at least eight conversations a week with new people and potential prospects, you may not be among those who recover quickly this year. So if you are not in that first actively networking group, and you are asking the question of who will recover quickest, guess what, it isn’t you.

Want to argue my point? Give me a call or email me.


Merra Lee Moffitt, small business profitability coach and CFP spends all day, everyday guiding business owners, capturing their financial dreams and goals from their small business profits. Her small business clients find hidden profits using low cost, low risk tactics. She can be reached at, 888-920-2030 or by email at merralee@captureprofits.com. Check out www.captureprofits.com

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