Are You Happy Today?

Are You Happy Today?

Abraham Lincoln said, "Most people are about as happy as they decide to be." There is so much truth to this thought.

Is happiness really nothing more than a decision? The answer is a resounding, "Yes".

Most people live life postponing happiness for tomorrow. Most individuals will put a variety of stipulations on when they can experience and enjoy happiness. For instance, have you ever said, "I'll be happy when my finances are in order.", or "I'd be happy if I lived or worked somewhere else."? The truth of the matter is happiness is available to everyone at any given time if the individual is willing to "be" happy, regardless of circumstances.

We have all read about numerous people who have faced insurmountable situations or even death, yet these formidable individuals chose to remain happy regardless of their plights. How did they do it? How does a person remain happy when faced with extremely stressful and hopeless situations? As good old Abe mentioned, "...they decide to be."

Happiness is completely a decision you decide. Have you ever awakened in the morning and for no good reason felt great? You probably said, "This feels like a great day!" What usually happens when we wake up feeling good and expecting a great day is happiness is all around us. The "things" of the day just seem to go our way. How does our attitude create miracles in our daily lives? Expectation creates what is expected and in this conversation-happiness!

How can you be happy in the face of adversity? There are two recommendations I would like to share with you.

First, don't lose your true self in any situation. No matter what comes before you, remember who you are, what you have overcome in the past, and that you will be alright. You always have and always will make it-one way or another.

Second, do good. This point is best explained by another quote from old honest Abe. He said, "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that is my religion." This doesn't only mean doing good for others, it means doing good for your own life.

If you are doing the things you need to do to accomplish your goals, then you're doing good. If you aren't working and living according to the person you want to be, then you're doing bad.

Decide what you want to be and live your life, work your day, and be that person now.

So many people have said to me, "When I get this....", or "When I accomplish...then, I'll be happy." This is so far from the truth. Be happy along the way to any destination and you'll experience joy throughout life."

A paraphrased thought by the famous holocaust, survivor Dr. Albert Schweitzer says, No matter what the Nazis do to our bodies, they can't take our minds. If we maintain our minds, we maintain our personal power because we retain the ability to decide our happiness.

A young boy needed to be corrected for undesirable behavior. His mother sat him in a chair and said, "Johnny, you need to sit there and think about how you misbehaved." After a few moments, the young boy spoke out, "I may be sitting here on the outside by I'm laughing on the inside." Hmmm, sounds like a lesson all of us can learn from this youth.

Just for today, no matter what is facing you in life, decide to be happy. Let your woes go by you for just this day and allow your worries to wait for you until tomorrow. Be happy in the moment and enjoy your life for today. Save tomorrow for tomorrow and think about today instead.

I'm so happy to be back in your life and until our next time together, I am

In loving service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett


Dr. Michael J. Duckett is founder of Professional Income Solutions, Inc. (PIS), and Upgrading Life, Inc., an Atlanta-based leadership consulting and research firm. Dr. Duckett is also an author of numerous books and business consultant. Dr. Duckett specializes in helping business owners produce substantial results in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Duckett started as a senior research scientist with the U.S. Center for Musculoskeletal Research and created a unique collaborative system with scie...

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