If you sense lack in any area of your life, it is a result of not having a full understanding of that particular area. One of the primary areas people write to me about experiencing lack is the subject of money.

If you aren't happy with your current financial situation, you are missing some information around the subject of money. Many good hearted people will believe it is the lack of money that is producing their unhappiness, which is not the case at all.

You can only be happy with things you understand and can only be unhappy with things you don't understand.

As I mention in my book Breaking the Money Bariers, "Money isn't real. It is paper, metal, and numbers on your bank statements that you give 'confidence' to that make these things real." It is your confidence (thought) that makes money valuable.

The basic understanding of wealth accumulation is based upon the fact that money simply represents the result of production and communication. The more a person produces and communicates with others, the greater wealth that individual possesses.

Many times this "production" and "communication" is in the form of a product or service.

If a person wants more money, the worst thing that individual could do is concentrate on the money without increasing production and communication. This will result in little change for the person's financial portfolio or wealth status.

Instead, a person in need of more financial energy (money) should concentrate on ways to produce a better product or service for others, and increase the communication of this as well. In turn, this process will increase a person's overall wealth quickly.

Many have asked me over the years, "What is the most important factor in wealth accumulation?" My answer is very simple-communication.

If you don't improve your communication about your product or service, you will not improve your financial success. To improve your communication, concentrate on the communication formula:

A person has the intention to relay a specific thought to another individual or group and have the receiver duplicate the thought as it was in the original person's mind.

Too many people try to communicate with other people by expecting the receiver to "read their minds" for the message. This is not proper communication and will not result in an increase of communication for your product or service.

The best way to apply the communication formula is to concentrate on seeing things from the other person's perspective and not stay stuck in your own point of view.

Speaking of not staying stuck in your own point of view...

You can't create peace while concentrating on war.

You can't create health while concentrating on sickness.

You can't create love while concentrating on distrust.

You can't create abundance while concentrating on lack.

If you're Mental Codes® are programmed for lack, you're going to produce more of the same. It's basically the "target" your mind is programmed to shoot for in life. If you want to change your target, change your Mental Coding. I've explained this in past writings (even wrote a book on the subject) and will give you additional information in the future as well.

The above information is the short-cut to greater abundance. Regardless of your current financial status, if you want more money, change your Mental Codes® about money, increase your production, and communicate more. This will create an abundant flow of money into your life quickly.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the next Five Minute Mental Break. Until then, I am

In Loving Service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett


Dr. Michael J. Duckett is founder of Professional Income Solutions, Inc. (PIS), and Upgrading Life, Inc., an Atlanta-based leadership consulting and research firm. Dr. Duckett is also an author of numerous books and business consultant. Dr. Duckett specializes in helping business owners produce substantial results in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Duckett started as a senior research scientist with the U.S. Center for Musculoskeletal Research and created a unique collaborative system with scie...

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