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In this article, I am going to provide you an introduction to video marketing, using a course I recently attended and illustrate several forces that are converging to generate a powerful revenue generating opportunity.

I recently completed a 5 hour course on personal branding and video marketing. This course provided a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful with Internet Marketing. The following 5 topics were covered during the course:

- creating your personal brand;

- establishing yourself as an expert authority;

- conducting research on keywords and how you can use them strategically;

- follow a 10X10X4 process to effectively create your brand and market with video; and

- tips and techniques to easily scale, replicate, and produce results.

The strategies which are presented in this course are proven and leading edge ... you will see why leading life strategist Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul formerly of American Idol, and physician & celebrity author of spirituality & mind/body medicine Deepak Chopra are all utilizing the skills and expertise of Mike Koenigs who was the course instructor and is Chief Internet Marketer of Digital Café Studios.

In addition to working together with these high profile individuals, Koenigs' approach is being sought and deployed by a revitalized sector in the economy ... the entrepreneurial home-based business owner.

As a result of the current economic turmoil and economic crisis, we are seeing the convergence of several powerful forces:

- an economy which is re-inventing itself and increasingly using disintermediation;

- innovation and increased use of "search" on the internet; and

- a resurgence of entrepreneurialism and home-based businesses.

The financial turmoil is causing businesses to restructure they way they operate and they are reducing capital intensive assets like brick and mortar sales locations. As a result, disintermediation is occurring where the middleman is cut out and there is an increasing use of the Internet and agents to market and sell products.

Innovation on the Internet is proceeding at a super-fast pace. Phone books are going away ... print advertising is disappearing ... at any time over 1.5B people are searching for something on the internet. At the time you buy something on the internet, you want to buy from someone which you believe is an authority and someone that you could trust. Therefore, innovation that is occurring on the internet with the Web 2.0 technologies that includes social networking, blogs, video-sharing channels, and micro-blogging ... is being used by agents and representatives with home-based businesses to become a trusted authority.

A recent worse-than-expected jobs report puts the official unemployment rate at a hair below 10% ... highest in 26 years. If you add those people that are out-of-work longer than six months, that are working part-time but want a full-time job, and those who want a full-time job but have stopped looking, the unemployment rate rises to 17% or close to 30M people.

Plus, many baby boomers are realizing that because of recent financial turmoil, they have gotten no where in the past 30-40 years with their investments, leaving them with no nest egg and the realization they have to work longer.

However, without conventional jobs, many baby boomers are turning entrepreneurial and establishing home-based businesses. They are using the internet as a channel and they are learning techniques offered by Koenigs to develop personal brands and to utilize social media tools, with video marketing, to become trusted authorities as they perform as marketing and sales agents for services and products.

In addition, Koenigs firm has a Web 2.0 syndication service, called Traffic Geyser, that distributes over a million videos a week and by using his techniques you can generate top ranking, web traffic, and leads in minutes that will help you market products that will sell like crazy.

I trust this article has provided you with some insight on several converging factors leading baby boomers to establish home-based businesses and an overview of using personal branding and video marketing to create a trusted relationship with potential customers in order to increase sales results.

You can find out more about personal branding, video marketing, and home-based businesses by reading updates that will be posted at Farrell's blog over the next few weeks.


Former Rocket Engineer and Management Consultant with a Marquee Firm, Undergoing a Reset to Generate Multiple Income Streams.

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