How to Create a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing campaigns are lively and dynamic in ways that other marketing is not.

The customer must actively engage in the marketing to get started. Once the campaign is underway, there is a direct and one-to-one contact with your customer.

These dynamic campaigns do not appear magically; they require solid strategic planning to ensure that the campaign works the way you want them to and that they indeed achieve the direct customer connection.

Here are the steps to create an effective mobile marketing campaign.

1. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly.

2. Create an SMS Promotion.

3. Add a Quick Read (QR) Code into Your Next PowerPoint Presentation.

4. Create a Mobile Banner/Display Ad Campaign that Targets People in Your Community.

5. Add a QR Code to Your Business Card.

6. Create an App for Your Blog

7. Run a Mobile Paid Search Campaign

8. Link a YouTube Greeting to a QR Code.

9. Build Your Mobile Website

10. Optimize Your Site with Mobile-Specific Keywords

11. Optimize Your E-Newsletter for Mobile Readers

12. Use a Mobile Website Grader to Find Out How Your Mobile Site Stacks Up

13. Check How Your Site Renders on Different Devices

14. Add a QR Code to Your Collateral

15. Link Mobile Display Ads to Viral Email Campaigns

16. Run a Sweepstakes or Contest that Can Only be Compiled on a Mobile Device

Marketers feel much the same as fish out of water when trying to figure out mobile marketing. It is too different from what they expect. It keeps changing even when they think they have it figured out.

Having a mobile phone is part of life for young people and for them, life is exciting. Mobile is always there for them and part of being connected to the world.

Mobile marketing brings phones to life in unexpected ways. No one would want a real fish to jump out of their phone but look at it as a metaphor for thinking outside the box about what you can do with your mobile phone.

Mobile marketing is an exciting story. It is a story of change and of opportunity; however, if you are not ready or do not understand all the key elements that mobile has to offer (and there are plenty), then now is the time to get ready.

I Hope You Enjoy the Article and I Trust You Found It a Way to Get Ready! Let me Know What You Think.


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