Monitor Your Page Rank on all the Major Search Engines to be No 1 on Google

One of the problems with Search Engine Optimization and particularly with Google is that it is a constantly changing phenomenon.

As soon as too many people get wind of a certain facet or strategy that is working to get high page rankings, Google eventually will get the idea and alter its algorithm accordingly.

For a web business owner, it becomes a constant game of cat and mouse, forever searching for the latest techniques to beat, or utilize, the system to be No 1 on Google.

So it is best to stay on your toes and look out-of-the-box, meaning outside of your website, content, and SEO techniques, to learn how others see you and what you can do to increase your page rank to be No 1 on Google.

Here are two simple, easy, and quick steps related to an online directory and other search engines to be No 1 on Google.

The Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ, is a very unassuming website in cyberspace that carries a tremendous amount of weight. Its unique selling proposition is that it is human-powered and not software-driven. It does not employ spiders to scan the web but waits for you to submit your URL. It then assigns an editor to manually check your listing and then, assuming you have added yourself correctly to the category, you will be listed in DMOZ.

A successful listing on DMOZ creates two important links to a website. One link to your website is from DMOZ and the other link is from the Google Directory. Both DMOZ and Google have very high Page Rank. By benefiting from the thousands of links created by all the websites that are using the DMOZ directory, it becomes obvious why a listing in DMOZ is so important. It is often the case that a DMOZ listing alone will raise your Page Rank by one or two places!

Also, monitor Searchenginewatch where you will get the truth, or at least a truth, about what is going on in the world of search engine marketing. It is a website that is a meeting place for webmasters and website owners to discuss their experiences and concerns about search engine marketing and promotion. You can monitor the latest findings regarding every major search engine and how it relates to your website.

All of the other search engines have undergone a face-lift recently. They include Bing, AltaVista, and Ask. For example, Bing now promotes itself as fast, efficient, and painfully accurate. Microsoft claims that its technology is unique. The key takeaway is that if a website ranks high on Bing it will most likely rank high on Google.

Here is a tip for you to do early in your efforts to become an Internet Marketing professional.

Make it your job today to get on DMOZ and submit your URL. Read the submission guidelines and choose your category wisely to avoid unnecessary delays. Also, if a site does well on Google it tends to do well on all the other search engines. Check your ranking on the other sites. Do you really rank the same, or better, on the other major search engines? Although Google should be your benchmark, do not neglect Google's competition. This is how to be No 1 on Google.

In order to help you, I will continue to provide tips and techniques I have obtained and learned from My Go-To-Market Partners as I became an Internet Entrepreneur and built my online business, along with my various Web 2.0 properties and affiliate web sites. Together, these tips will provide a traffic formula that will improve your Page Ranking and drive qualified leads to your website.


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