Help 9-1-1, I'm having a heart attack

Let me warn you upfront, my article is 100% accurate and it is my real lifestory. I recommend putting yourself in my shoes for the length of this article. Doing so mayscare the daylights out of you.It scared me & I am forever grateful for it. My life has not been the same since.

I was introduced to this industry in 1998 and flirted with the idea of being a networker for all of 6 whole weeks. With that being said, I've been full-time in direct sales for the past 10 years. I resigned from my corporate job in thetelecom industry in March 2003. That wasa poweful experience for me. What I amabout to share for the first time ever viathe internet is probably one of the most powerfulyet scariest experiences of my life.

I shared this story yesterday live from stage in front of a packed auditorium about an experience that happened to melast year in June 2011. An experience thathas changed my life forever! An experiencethat I hope will change you forever! While I retold the story, I had the spooky experience of reliving it all over again in my mind's eye. Are you ready? Here we go: I wasstill living in Houston, Texas and still working in a senior executive position running everything involving the network marketing aspect of a large and successful $100 million directsalescompany. From the outside lookingin, it was a"Dream Job".

So let me take you back. It was a typicalFriday night in the Hamburger house. My wife Leslie, our 2 young daughters and my wife's twin sister had just enjoyed a dinner I cooked on the grill & afamily ping pong tournament. Leslie andI had just tucked our 4 year old daughter into her bed and our4 month old was asleep in the nursery.

Leslie had already headed back downstairs for round 2 of our ping pong match, as she was playing with her sister. Our youngest started crying and I rushed into pop a pacifier in her mouth. Ifyou have kids, you know that a pacifier isworth it's weight in gold. With the mission being accomplished and the little gorgeous monkey back fast asleep, I snuck quietly out of her nursery closing the nursery door behind me. As I made it 4 steps from the nursery door, I felt like my chestwas going to explode out of my chest. The intense sheer paindropped me to my knees. I later described this pain to the doctor as if God himself had his foot on my chest. I couldn't find the breathe to call my wife for helpdownstairs. After somehow finding the strength to make my way to my feet and literally dragging myself downour stairs, I grabbed my wife and aphone.

I layed on the floor in the middle of our living room andthen dialed 9-1-1. After telling the 911operator that I thought I was having a heartattack, I took an aspirin and stayed on thephone with the insightful angel that gave me strength from the other side of the phone line. It felt like an eternity but within 180 seconds I could hear sirens in my neighborhood. Since I lived on the tee box of our neighborhood's golf course, Icould hear the sirens literallygo aroundmy house in route to our home. Slowly they weremaking theirway towards my home...

Let me share this, it is a freakysound hearing sirens wailing in the distance slowly circling the streets of your neighborhood as they make their way towardyour home knowing that they're comingfor you! The frontdoor opened and 6first responder fire

fighters came in. These guys have seen it all and what a sad site I must have looked like. I served in the United States Marine Corps for 6 years and here I was scared out of my mind laying on my floor.

Less than a minute later a couple of paramedicsarrived in an ambulance. As they cut openmy shirt and started hooking all kinds ofequipment to me they started asking me a zillion questions. I cannot remember what they said or asked but their faces are forever burned into my memory. It was all too surreal.

While this entire episode washappeningbefore my eyes TO ME, I layedon the bigfurry rug infront of the fireplacemanteland stared upto our family portrait. Directly above the fireplace we have a canvas portrait from our old home in Arizona. To the left are the 2 giant canvas portraits of my daughters. I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes. The entire time this was happening I thought about what life would be like for my daughters and my wife without me. My mom's dad died when she was just a girl still in single digit years. My dad's dad died when he was in his twenties. My mom died when I was 17. How the hell was this happening to me? I take care of myself. I watch what I eat. I hardly ever drink. I am an avid tennis player.

Leslie never left my side, although she was freaking out and frankly, I cannot blame her. Had the tables been turned, I don't know what I'd have done. As I laid smack dab in the middle of our living room, I kept staring up at the picture ofmy wife, our 2 young daughters and myself. I wondered if this was the last timeI'd ever see my children or my wife again? Would I seemy dad and my brothers again? Would I ever step foot into our home again? Before I left my home, I insisted on walking upstairsand kissing both of my sleeping kids on their precious little foreheads. Fromthere, it was off to the emegency room for aromantic Friday evening with my beautiful bride andan ERfilled with doctors, nurses, tests, etc. When Leslie said she wanted to go out just the two of us without the kids, I'm certain this is not what she had in mind.

The good news is that I was ok. I got a clean bill of health. The doctors determined thatit was NOT a heart attack. They said it waseither a severe anxiety attack from the stressof work or severedehydration from playingtoo much tennisin the 100° humid Houstonsummer. They say your life flashes before your eyes at the moment just before your death. I had a different experience… I had a wake up call that life is precious and I remembered all the things I had not yetdone. I remembered all the unfulfilled promises I made to myself, my wife and our kids. I never lost it but remembered vividly what my purpose on this planet was. My work here was not even close to being over. I certainly had not "arrived".

This was a wake-up call for me to stoplivingmy life for someone else, buildingsomeoneelse's dreams and to start buildingmy owndream! Within a month of this experience I shared this story from stage in Italy. As I look back, I know that I did not do it for the audience as I shared it to relive it and remind myself to stop taking the easy path. Stop playing it safe. Stop fooling myself.

This event changed everything for me. Imade a commitment to myself that I wouldnever live in the regret of not living my lifeto themax eachand everyday. I vowed to"leaveit all on the field." I promised myselfand the "BIG MAN" upstairs that the whenmy time on this planet is up and I lay on mydeathbed, I will rejoice in knowing that Imade my dreams my reality and that I wouldassist others in doing the same. That nightchanged my life and I pray that by me sharing this moment of awakening with you that somewhere inside of you, you'll make a deal with yourself to make your limited time here count more than how much money you make, where you live, what you drive or whatever else you've most likely put false value on. If you had to either give up your stuff (i.e. house and car, etc.) or your time with those that matter most, which would you choose?

Within a handful of months after this "episode" I made thedecision to leave my cushy "dream job" at the big giant network marketing company and to start following my passions completely. NO LIMITS! NO REGRETS!

I hope and pray that if you've been payingattention to my story that you've been ableto relate something, somewhere to you andyour life. I am committed to assisting peopleto never live in regret or settle again. I cannot tell youhow many people I've heard ofthat are ontheir deathbeds wishing for moretime tofulfill on the empty promises they madeto themselves that were leftundone.

I've never been more committed to assistinggreat people create a life without limits intheir lives. Things have been moving atwarp speed inside my business and in my life since this experience because I vowed to live every single day without regret.



Michael Hamburger


Michael Hamburger defines himself as someone that gives 100% in everything he signs his name to. This is evident when you see where this industry icon has been. Michael began his career as a US Marine. After his military service, Michael became a top producer for a Fortune 500 company in the data and telecom arena. Michael entered the home business industry and quickly became a top producer and trainer. Michael has always been committed to serving others. Michael serves as the Senior Vice Presi...

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