Franchise Industry Reaches out to Veterans

We can never pay our soldiers their dues for the service they do for us. But when they return to the civil society as veterans, they sometimes feel left out. So, as an effort to appreciate the role and contribution of the veterans towards the society, International Franchise Association, the most prominent franchise association of America, introduced the VetFran program. Though the Department of Veterans' Affairs and other military and federal agencies support it to some great extent, none of them fund the program. The program is totally funded by the franchise companies. The program’s main aim is to reach out to the veterans looking to buy a franchise and simultaneously, court the franchisors.

The soldiers who are honorably discharged from active duty can apply to participating franchise opportunities as veterans. The franchise companies help the veterans in many ways. Some concepts offer discounts on the franchise fee while others provide additional supports. Some businesses waive the training fees whereas some give priority to those veteran candidates that have replied to their franchise business for sale offers. The process is totally flexible; each franchisor is free to decide how he is going to help his veteran franchisees looking forward to buy a franchise from him. One of the major objectives of the VetFran program is to lower the start-up costs of even the best franchises. Most veterans are cash strapped while leaving the army and the program helps them to get a firm foothold in the business world. In exchange, the participating companies can put the VetFran logo in their franchise business for sale advertisements and also get promoted in various veteran-dedicated websites and associations.

It’s not that only the veterans benefit from the VetFran program; the franchise companies also profit considerably by joining the program. The veterans make excellent franchisees, because years of disciplined military life responds very well to the restrictive nature of franchise business. Also, veterans know the value of working in a team as well as heading a team. It makes them excellent choice for franchise opportunities that requires the franchisee to lead a team or manage a group of employees. The program has been so successful that by the end of 2007, there were around 1000 veterans who have started or is starting a franchise under the VetFran program.


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