Ways to Obtain Financing to Buy a Franchise

Remember the famous shouting match between Tom Cruise’s character and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character in the movie “Jerry McGuire”, which culminated in the phrase, “Show me the money”? That is exactly what your franchisor is going to tell you when you approach the concept in response to its franchise business for sale offers. So, when you are in the market to buy a franchise, first figure out the ways to obtain the money required for the business. To help you in this situation, here are some pointers:

• Dip into your savings. If you have been working for long and have quite a good amount of money in the bank, use a portion of it to finance your franchise business. But don’t use all your savings, because besides the start-up cost, there will be the cost of running the business till it starts making profits. Also saving for emergencies is also a must. But if your partner is working, you can surely take the risk of investing the money in starting a franchise.

• Use credit-card loans. The founders of Google did that and look where they are now! But there are certain things you need to remember in this regard. First, you must have a decent credit score. Also make sure you have enough provision to pay the monthly payments and won’t default.

• Ask relatives. Many of us hesitate to do that because of the fear of losing a friend or relative or just for the fear of being looked down upon. But both of the fears are baseless; if you proceed in a professional manner and promise them in writing to pay within a stipulated time-period, then there won’t be any question of refusal. And if you are genuinely interested in the business and sincere about your plans, asking for help won’t demean you. Remember that it’s always better to ask from the relatives than from the strangers.

• Go for bank loans. It’s the traditional method of getting money, but sometimes getting bank-loans becomes difficult for individuals who are new to the business. In that case, it’s better if you go for SBA loans, especially if you are starting a franchise of small business franchise opportunity. CIT Small Business Lending is one of many companies that offers SBA loans.

• Consider borrowing against your 401(k) or retirement funds. Companies like Guidant Financial Services offer programs to do just that.

These are some of the common methods of getting financing to make your dream of buying a franchise come true. Top franchises help their franchisees in getting finance, so if you are buying such a franchise, half of your work is done.


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