The Earthquake That Ate Washington!

Sorry, Just Kidding - DC's Still There, Eating The Economy Happy Labor Day, Mr. President! When you promised to "radically transform" America, Brother, you weren't kidding. You're moving Heaven and Earth! Well, Earth, anyway. Actually, just some of the Earth (who knew D.C. could have earthquakes?). Actually, I guess you said the other day that "shovel ready" wasn't as shovel-ready as you thought.

So what are you moving, again?

Not employment, I guess: on the occasion of Labor Day, reports say only half the jobs we thought were created in July actually were created - but more impressively, not a single job was created in America in August. Wow... that's a new record! It's never happened in U.S. history, since monthly tracking began in 1945! The president must be proud, because world records are hard to come by, and because this certainly represents a radical transformation. A prominent pro golfer recently noted, essentially, "President Obama has played more golf than I have this month... and I have created more jobs than he has this month."

Not moving the economy either, I reckon - at least not in a positive direction. August saw many economic firsts: we had the first debt downgrade in our history, we raised our debt level to the highest ever, the Fed announced an unprecedented two FULL years of continued zero-interest (and promised more money would be printed ASAP), and the stock market had one of the most volatile months in its history as it teeters on the brink of a crash. More records shattered! You go, Mr. President!

And foreign policy? Let's just say it's been years (three) since any movement has been made on American diplomatic goals, such as denying nukes to Iran or standing up to Chinese assertiveness.

I get it. Mr. Obama, as he promised on the campaign trail three years ago, is moving the entire nation from the world's top position as a strong, free-market republic (where people have the guts to start a business or build opportunity-creating wealth), backward into the ranks of the unexceptional collectivist states that have done such a boffo job governing the world for most of its history.

Recall those t-shirts we saw lots of in 2008, which said "January 20, 2009 - Bush's Last Day!" Candidate Obama successfully got a majority of us dreaming of that happy day. On that happy day, gas was $1.84, unemployment was around five percent, the national debt was well under ten trillion, and we still had a triple-A credit rating. So on the occasion of his third Labor Day in office, Mr. Obama can reflect with pride on the fruit of his own labors, and note that the "radical transformation" is undeniably underway.

Seismologists watching California fear the "San Andreas Fault," because it can cause earthquakes that bring a lot of damage. President Obama talks more about "Bush's Fault," which apparently caused the unlikely recent D.C. earthquake... though it's the current president's policies that're doing all the damage.


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