Why We Need More Women In Government

Government officials are the representatives of the people, whether they are working at the local, state or even federal level. The problem with the government is that men significantly outnumber women as representatives. The United States has a very low rate of representation by women, and it is time to make changes so that more women are taking active roles in the state and federal government. Here’s why we need to increase the number of women working in our government.

Improved Representation

According toNational Atlas, 143.4 million of America’s 281.4 million residents are women. That is roughly 50.9 percent of the population. Even though women account for more than half of the country’s total population, they are significantly outnumbered in the government.

TheNew Hampshire Business Reviewstates that only 20 percent of U.S. Senators are women and only 18 percent of the members of the House of Representatives are women. That means 80 percent of the Senators and 82 percent of the House of Representatives are men.

The numbers suggest that women are under-represented in the government because the numbers of individuals who are discussing the concerns of women are limited. In fact,New York Magazinereports that the United States is ranked 78th in the world when it comes to proportional gender representation. Women are under-represented by a significant margin.

Better Collaboration

A key problem that has arisen in government is the lack of compromise. According to the New Hampshire Business Review, the government shut down that occurred in 2013 was brought to an end due to the efforts of women in the government.

The New Hampshire Business Review states that female U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives communicated and worked together to reach a compromise. Due to their efforts to collaborate and work together, the government was able to get back to work.

TheHuffington Postreports that women legislate and lead differently than men. Women, says the Huffington Post, are more likely to collaborate so that there is a win-win situation.

Improved Results over Time

Even though women are less likely to take unnecessary risks when compared to men, the Huffington Post points out that women are also more likely to look at the long-term results of a project. Their goals focus on the long-term benefits and outcomes rather than the short-term results, so they are more likely to improve the productivity and performance of the government when they take on more active roles.

The government is more like to work out realistic long-term results and goals when women are involved in the decision making process.

Improved Creativity in Resolving Issues

Although New York Magazine points out that women often obtain 10 percent more funding for government projects than men, it is actually their creativity that helps women stand out from men in government. The ability to obtain more funds comes from the way that women approach the issues.

According toForbes, women can see opportunity in a variety of different settings. By recognizing where an opportunity is available, women can come up with creative ways to achieve their goals. That creativity is an asset in the government because it generates new ideas and inspires others to reach for the same goals. Forbes suggests that women are more strategic and focused when it comes to putting ideas into motion and then inspiring others to follow their lead.

The government needs more women to reach the goals that have been set for future generations. By increasing the number of women who represent the people, the country can expect to see improvements in overall progress, cooperation and results.Women are capable leaderswho work together to find a compromise that allows the government to run more efficiently and provides the opportunity for new ideas to develop.


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