The Thing I Hate About Books

There are a number of things that I don't like about ebooks or written books that talk to people regarding technology. There are too many assumptions made about the people that are reading the publications.

For the most part the authors and publishers are under an albeit false impression that everyone is a techno-wiz and that we all live and breathe every verse of every tech manual ever devised.

What they fail to realize in this country especially is that the reading level for the populus is decreasing at an ever rapid rate. We in tech (I have been guilty of this as well) are not educating our audience. We're preaching to them instead of helping them understand what it is that we are trying to sell them or provide to them.

Now while dumbing things down is not helpful either, adding some additional education to the prose is preferred as a solution to the problem which confronts us. How do we explain rocket-science in such a way that someone who's not Werner Von Braun can actually understand it and put the shields up so that the Klingon's don't screw us from our seats once again and drop us onto some forbidden planet. something simple as add a glossary of terms for your readers. Educate them so that they respect you and laud you and tell all their friends to purchase your tomes. Not so that they despise you and send you packing the next time you come to town.

That's my .02 on this subject for this day.

Michael Murdock, CEO,

Former Pixar Macintosh Systems Engineer Credited in Toy Story 1995

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