Exercise Workout Benefits

Recreation can be used to achieve a lot as far as our physique and health is concerned. First of all, you need to be committed and consistent as this is the only way it can have a lasting effect.

To become and remain physically fit, you must engage regularly in a course of physical exercise which means you will have to be at the gym regularly and exercise to build up your body.

There are a variety of exercises that one can engage with but very few can give us the all round fitness that our body requires without a combination of two or more kinds of workout. Swimming, jogging, riding and aerobic are all great ways to exercise even without combining other workout programs depending on the workout routines you enjoy and your ability to endure.

A full body exercise workout can involve adding some weight training into your workout routine. If you enjoy walking and jogging, then you could add some weight training for your arms and shoulders to make it more of a full body workout.

The effect of exercise on our body cannot be under-estimated as it imbibes in us a healthy lifestyle, flexible body, well toned muscles and a sound mind. The following are some of the benefits or advantages of keeping fit.

1. Exercise brings about longevity: For you to live long, you need to be healthy and wealthy. For you to acquire and enjoy your wealth, you need good health. In other words “health is wealth”. Regular and consistent workout programs recreate your whole body (renews worn-out cells and keeps us flexible and agile) thereby bringing about longevity.

2. Weight reduction: There are a lot more health benefits in weight reduction than just making you look better or keeping you in great shape. By losing up to 15-20% of body fat, you decrease your risk of a heart failure. But the issue is this; it takes a whole lot of time, effort, and energy such that you need a lot of patience and perseverance to actually shed weight. More so, a strict diet plan can work wonders if you have one and adhere to it. There are also lots of supplement that enhance the fat burning process but not without proper exercise workout which is the basis for weight loss. Regular exercise ensures you are physically fit as it helps to burn excess cholesterol, calories that have adverse effect on your body.

3. Exercise generally helps to reduce blood sugar as excess of it is converted to energy and used up during rigorous workout sessions thereby voiding any possibility of you being diabetic.

4. Regular exercise helps to increase your heart rate which in turn adds to your endurance ability. There is a more likely hood of people surviving heart attacks if it ever happens.

5. Studies have shown that regular exercise aids stress management, prevents depression, boost immune system, helps you relax and also improve your self esteem/confidence.

6. Health and fitness experts attributes good or improved sexual performance to regular exercise which brings about a more cordial and intimate relationship between a couple.

7. Another school of fitness thought believes that regular exercise can bring about penis enlargement using the jelqing and kegel exercise techniques.

And for those who do not enjoy working out at the gym, you can still do your self a lot of good by doing some stretch exercises at home. These exercise routines not only help to keep you fit but also tones your body as they work on some particular muscle groups.


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