Can Magic Marketing Words Get You a 90 Conversion Rate YES

Study These Magic Marketing Words

I have to admit that I am very skeptical anytime someone tells me that they have built a squeeze page where they are seeing a 90% sign-up rate.

However, Mike Morgan is a world class copywriter, and he just told me at JV Alert Live that one of his squeeze pages actually converts at 90%.

What is even better is that he was willing to show me the page that actually delivers this for him.

Once you look at his page, you will notice a couple of things:

a) It is UGLY - which once again proofs that it is copy and not design that sells

b) It is not conventional - instead of being very short, the squeeze page is almost 5 pages long

c) The squeeze page loads audio on default - and there is no easy way to turn the audio off (you have to scroll all the way down the bottom of the page to find the mute button)

Most importantly, you will notice that the copy is dead on! Obviously, the traffic that arrives to this page is pre-qualified… it got here from SEO, from articles that Mike had submitted, etc.

However, having a 90% conversion rate is something truly remarkable, so take a look at the image below and go and check out Mike’s web site at

Take a good look at the page that has a 90% sign-up rate. Congratulations Mike!

I have to admit that I have never gotten a sign-up rate of 90% but this is inspiration to keep testing and tweaking now that I know what is possible.


Prior to MindValley Media, Mike was the Head of New Ventures Strategy at eBay where he conceived of the strategies that led to the investment in Craigslist, the launch of and the acquisition of Skype. Mike has an MBA from Stanford and previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group. He is also a certified Google AdWords Professional. MindValleyLabs Internet Marketing Blog:

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