Live Blogging: Blair Singer "Identifying Where You Are On the Five Power Levels of Success and How to get to the Top Fast!"

Live blogging from National Achievers Congress in Kuala Lumpur.

Who is Blair Singer?

Blair is the author of two best selling books: SalesDogs - You don't have to be an attack dog to be successful in sales, and the ABC's of How to Build a Business Team that Wins. He founded and now runs an international training that delivers guaranteed success strategies.

People have a view to let their income determine their lifestyle. That's a stupid point of view. You let your lifestyle determine your income.

The whole idea is to generate the income that is required to sustain your desired lifestyle.

If you want more income >>> sell more.

Learning requires energy. Selling requires energy.

If you encounter two people, who is going to end up selling more? The person with more energy.

How do you make money?

You need to understand the four quadrants of income generation. They are:

* Business Owner

* Investor

* Self-employed

* Employee

Most wealth in the world is generated in the business segment. The second best income generation quadrant is as an investor.

There are two secret weapons that I am going to touch on today.

What is the first secret weapon? Your brain.

The secret is to get in touch with your subconscious and you need to learn to control your inner voice. This is also often called the "little voice in your head." The goal to breakthrough results is LVMS.

LVMS = Little Voice Management System

The number one block to learning is when you say:

* I already know that

* That won't work here

* Show me something new

Rich people always say... there is something here to learn... what can I get out of this that may help me get to the next level.

The little voice is exactly what is holding YOU (and ME too) back!

Little voice management systems: Celebrate every little success

Remember: The highest energy wins! Elevate your energy level to become more successful.

How to create a successful business or turn your business around:

A) SELL - You must sell to generate income

B) TEAM - You must build a team and get everyone on your team to learn how to sell

C) TEACH - Teach other people how to grow into a great team and how to sell

* Why do you have to teach it? Because nobody has taught you how to sell and how to cooperate and work effectively in a team

D) SYSTEMS - You must have good systems --selling and training systems in particular.

What Blair Singer is saying is completely true and here at MindValley we have only recently started emphasizing both TEACHING and SELLING.

In 2006 we started focusing on SYSTEMS but until the beginning of 2008 we did not place a lot of emphasis on having a training system in place and we did not focus on teaching everyone how to sell. Ever since we started doing this 3 months ago, we have started to see MindValley transform.

Why did it take us so long to start focusing on SELLING and TEACHING?

Because we got too busy running the business vs. working on the business. That is a sorry excuse and fortunately we are done making excuses and have started to take massive action. A lot more needs to be done but the energy has never been higher.

What is the second secret weapon? Code of Honor.

The code of honor is a set of rules on how we treat each other on the team.

NOTE: We have guiding operating principles at MindValley BUT we do not have a code of honor written down very clearly.

The priorities in a business should be:

* Purpose

* Team

* Individual

In most companies it is the opposite. People ask "what's in it for me, then help others on the team, and think the purpose is just something written down on a business card." It is very important to change the belief system in the company and have a clearly articulated purpose. (Fortunately, at MindValley we now have one).

The purpose of MindValley is to free people to pursue their passions and we do this by becoming a business factory that can rapidly launch new businesses on an ongoing basis.

The problem with sales is that most people think it is dirty. There are so many negative associations that have been established over the years that it is hard to overcome. But it MUST be overcome. The only way to succeed in business is to sell!

In order to sell, you need to find out what kind of sales person you are and as soon as you know what type of sales person you are, you need to learn to play to your strengths.

I have never met someone that was wealthy that did not do what they were naturally good at. Trying to do something that you are not naturally good at is devastating!

The system is very simple. All you need are the above ingredients. If you want transformation, then one of the most important areas to start with is the code of honor.

What is the hardest sale to make?

It is to sell yourself! It is to train your little voice. How many times has your little voice stopped you from exercising, taking action, etc.? If you can't even control your little voice in the head to make it out to the gym, then you stand little chance to make any money.

The first step to be good at sales is to be able to confront (be comfortable in front of) another person.

Sales objections

Why do you usually only come up with a great answer after 10 minutes? Because your brain disengages with your tongue. When your emotions go up your intelligence goes down!

How would you like to train your little voice to keep the emotions down no matter what? How would you like to never be afraid and intimidated again?

The first thing you do when you get an objection is to acknowledge it. The first thing you say is thank you. The second thing you say is to ask a question. The person that asks the questions is always in control.

The distance between where you are vs. where you want to be is the distance between your ears. It's all in your mind and all you need is a mind shift!

In order to make more money, you have to play a bigger game.

The problem is that for most people, they can't get much bigger. Why?

(People squared - People) / 2 = Relationships

The only way to grow is to build more relationships. You cannot sell more if you do not have more relationships (i.e. prospects).

A business is about the "content" and the "context."

If you don't have a code of honor, then you can't go up the ladder. If someone breaks the code, you have to call them out on it right away. You have to start with a tight ship (that's the purpose, team, and honor code). Every single time they have turned around a business this is where Blair Singer starts.

Making a lot of money does not take intelligence. It takes stamina and guts.

Power and Abundance

The goal is to get to power. A business starts as "invisible." This is also where you start out personally. The next level is "emergence." After "emergence" you enter a state of "chaos." After "chaos" you end up with "stability."

* Power

* Abundance - retire debt

* Stability

* Chaos

* Emergence - acquire debt

* Invisible

What is the formula to evolve out of emergence? This is the level at which you spend and invest and sometimes even incur debt to get sell.

Here is the formula for success: You serve first!

This is where you start. After that you start spending in order to sell. Chaos is really the same as emergence that has gone on too long.

The formula for getting out of chaos is to put in some systems! If there are no systems, then you are always going to be on call. You also need to be able to manage. To get out of chaos, you also must be able to focus.

NOTE: I would argue that this does not mean that you can only pursue one project.

What happens at stability? Complacency and boredom sits in. At this point they often try something dramatic. When you get to stability you need to put quality control into place. Without systems, however, there is no quality control. What happens at abundance? You retire debt and invest.

When you get to power, you try to replicate your success. The problem is that far too many small businesses try to replicate their success before they have moved up the entire ladder. Blair Singer says that this is the exact systems they use to rapidly turn around businesses and they have done this thousands of times over the past 20 years.

What shape is your business really in?

Looking at our own business, I can see that we are probably still in a state of "chaos." That's a tough one to swallow but looking at the way things are, we have been in a state of "emergence" for too long, which basically means that we are in a state of chaos.

Yes, we are doing a lot of the right things and putting lots of systems in place but we have not yet moved fully to a state of stability. Part of this is probably due to the fact that we have started to focus on replicating our success a couple of times before we ever got to a state of stability and abundance.

As Blair said, this is the #1 mistake he sees lots of small businesses doing and I have to admit that we at MindValley have done it too. Will we get out of this? You BET! It's time to get from chaos, to stability, to abundance, to power and you must start by putting the right systems and training into place and focus on sales.

Most importantly, we have to start focusing on back-end sales and for-ever sales (remember FeBeNe

) because that is the fastest way to boost profits and reach a much more stable level of performance.

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