Succumbing to EVIL Shortcut-ish Temptations and Forgetting the “Social” In Social Media

Hellooo, it’s called Social Media

Social media is turning marketing and public relations upside down. The rules of the game are changing and shifting, and amidst all of this wonderful, innovation-driven chaos, many get into social media without keeping a focus on the “social” in social media.

How many times have you gotten onboard a social media website, went on an “adding friends” wild spree, starting sending links to these new so-called friends and wished for the best? I don’t know about you but I’ve had several attempts with different social media sites. Many failed, and some succeeded.

Don’t Just Add, Interact

Don’t succumb to laziness and evil shortcut-ish temptations. Social media is a long-term effort which requires patience.

Come up with goals that can easily be broken down into small, very achievable steps. For example, everyday, genuinely make 3 or 5 acquaintances.

Adding many “friends” alone and immediately sending content to them in hopes of getting them to vote for it is not the right approach.

1. Add a few people at a time - preferably like-minded people and power users.

2. Interact with them, and make it a daily goal.

3. Meanwhile, keep in touch with those you’ve already added.

4. Maintain your focus on power users and

5. Turn acquaintances into friends.

Using a spreadsheet will be helpful to keep track of who are new/old acquaintances and friends.

Keep It Human

I graduated university with a major in Knowledge Management and before joining MindValley, that is pretty much what I used to focus on during my previous professional working life.

From my experience, when Knowledge Management initiatives fail, they mostly do because of too much focus on a techno-centric view.

There is a related and important lesson here.

Social media sites provide innovative technologies which merely act as enablers for communication and social interaction, so ultimately it’s not really about the technology. I repeat, communication technologies are merely enablers. They don’t and won’t replace common patterns of human psychology which exist in the real world and which are also behind successful and healthy social media efforts. Don’t fall for a techno-centric view.

Keep it human.


Prior to MindValley Media, Mike was the Head of New Ventures Strategy at eBay where he conceived of the strategies that led to the investment in Craigslist, the launch of and the acquisition of Skype. Mike has an MBA from Stanford and previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group. He is also a certified Google AdWords Professional. MindValleyLabs Internet Marketing Blog:

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