9 Ways to Have a Virtual Meeting


Skype is a software application that enables the clients to make voice calls over the Internet. This software is extensively used for instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing. Skype offers free service with other Skype users. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing also known as video teleconference is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies between two or more locations to relate and connect through two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It is a type of groupware that is intended to serve and assist a conference rather than individuals.

Web Conferencing

This is another powerful tool that is greatly used for virtual meetings. It is utilized to perform live meetings, instructing and giving seminar and lectures through the Internet. In a web conference, all participants sit at their own computers and are connected to all the other participants by means of the internet.


A webinar, as name suggests is a term where the speaker can communicate with a limited audience interface. It includes question & answer sessions and offers complete participation between the audience and the presenter.

Event Messaging Systems

Messaging System, another powerful medium to conduct virtual meetings allows individual and independent applications to consistently communicate with each other. There are a number of advantages like a great scalability, easy incorporation into varied networks, and dependability due to lack of a single point of failure.

Go to Meeting

Go-To-Meeting is a Web-hosted service formed and fashioned by Citrix Systems. It is a distant conference and desktop sharing Software that allows the user to meet other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues by means of internet in real-time.

Online Presentations

These are totally Web-based presentations, releasing the clients from the restriction of desktop presentation software. They are more interactive and compelling for the readers. There are facilities of slide design, content compilation, review and approvals and a host of other choices included in this option.

Meeting Planning Solutions

Meeting Planning Solutions is a service provided by "The Solution Centre." It takes care of the personalized meeting management facility - and all the events. It makes sure that all the needs of the meeting are looked after. Right from employee and board retreats to training programs, product introductions, incentive travel and analyst or investor meetings, this service researches location options, books the right venue and handle all the details and logistics.

RTZ Software

This is another interesting option for virtual meetings. It is a low bandwidth, media-rich, multi-user conferencing system in a groupware development environment. It comprises of a suite of applications which create an interactive Multimedia communications environment. This can be used to conduct presentations, meetings, lectures and classes between participants in various geographically dispersed locations.


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