How to Have a Unique Selling Proposition for you Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Do you have an online business that is dedicated to selling affiliate products? If this is the case then you will need to have a unique selling proposition if you want to make it big on the internet.

The reason for this, if you think about it is that there are thousands of people all selling the same affiliate products as you are, and if you advertise in exactly the same way as everyone else, there is little chance that you will stand out from the crowd. So in order to make a success of your endeavor you need to do something a bit different from all the other affiliates who are selling the same product.

This idea was originally developed by Rosser Reeves who wrote a book on it called Reality in Advertising. Although it was published in the early sixties, the principal of what he has written still applies today.

He says that basically there are three things that you need to do.

1. The proposition: It must offer the possible customer a specific benefit.

2. It is Unique: It must offer something that is not offered by anyone else.

3. It Sells: It is strong enough to encourage people to buy the product from you.

This is the key to the Unique Selling Proposition.

If you think about it the more promising the affiliate product is, the more likely it is to attract thousands of would be affiliates who want to market it. By just showing the product on your website sales page, your chances of making a sale will not be great. Many people find that even if they market an affiliate product quite aggressively their sales still remain quite low, and one of the reasons that this happens is because they have not really done anything different from what all the other affiliate marketers are doing.

It is a well known fact that very few people buy anything the first time they see it. In fact most people will see something a minimum of seven times before they actually purchase it. The result of this is that if your marketing is the same as everybody else and your advertisement is seen amongst the first five or six, chances are that someone else will get the sale when that person is ready to buy. If your selling proposition is forceful enough and different enough from others so that it stands out from the crowd, your chances of making a sale the first time your advert is seen is that much greater and if not an immediate sale, it will be strong enough to bring prospective buyers back to it again and again until they feel comfortable enough to buy.

Lastly, brand yourself. People will always happily buy from people that they know and can trust. By branding yourself first and building rapport with your prospective customers, people will feel that they know you and as this starts to happen you will find that they are more willing to trust your judgment and buy things that you recommend. If you want a good online affiliate marketing business, then follow this advice and watch your business grow.


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