Specialize or Generalize Which is Better for an Online Home Business?

Internet business owners have been having an ongoing debate about whether it is better for owners of online home businesses to become specialists or if it would serve them better to be generalists. A person who is a specialist would be highly skilled in one particular area such as Copywriting, SEO, Website Design or one of the other myriad tasks required to run a successful business online. A generalist on the other hand would be more a “Jack of all Trades” and be able to do many of the necessary tasks themselves.

So here is a look at the pros and cons of becoming either a specialist or a generalist to help you choose which option would be better for you.

1. The Benefits of Becoming a Specialist

One of the main benefits of becoming a specialist in one particular area is that if you are good at it, you will then become great. This can be very useful if for example you are a web designer or copywriter as both of these fields can be far more effective with specialization, but is does mean outsourcing a lot of other essential tasks. For example as a specialist web designer you probably won’t be great at content or traffic generation and will need to pay someone else to perform these tasks for you.

2. The Benefits of Becoming a Generalist

When you are a generalist the main benefit is that you are able to perform all of the essential tasks yourself although you may not have the skills to do all of them very well. The good point here is that you can do whatever needs to be done. The other advantage is that you are more likely to successfully see the big picture because you would have a better understanding of every aspect of your online home business.

The downside of being a generalist is that even though you may know how to process or complete a project it will probably take you twice as long as someone who is expert at it. Secondly there is quite a difference between being able to write sales copy and writing sales copy that converts successfully.

After weighing up the pros and cons of becoming either a specialist or a generalist you will need to make a decision on which would be better for you. The question to consider here is what type of resources you have available to start a legitimate online business and if this is something that is totally new to you.

This problem can be approached in two different ways, and the first depends on your resources. If this is your first venture into online marketing and you have very little capital to invest then your choice would be to become a generalist. Although the process is slower and if you have time restrictions as most people new to internet marketing do, it is still something that is very possible to do. You will also find a variety of tools available to help you with the many aspects of setting up and running a business online including content management and help with website templates.

Alternatively if your resources are not a problem and you are particularly drawn to one particular area of internet marketing then becoming a specialist could prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

There is no right or wrong answer to either way of setting up an online home business and internet marketing is quite complicated enough to make specialization valuable but also at the same time it is simple enough for anyone who wants to can become a generalist, provided they are prepared to put in the time and dedication to achieve success.


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