Use These Article Marketing Tips to Drive More Quality Traffic to Your Internet Based Business

By learning how to use article marketing to generate more traffic to your online income business will benefit your business in a big way and the good news is that not only is it free to do but it also has an added advantage of helping you to become known as an expert in your field.

In this article we will discuss some tips that will help you to get better results when you publish your articles.

1. Remember that content is king, publishing a lot of bad articles, even if they contain the kind of key phrases that will attract search engines, will do you more harm than good. First off nobody is going to waste their time reading articles that are badly written and have worthless content in them and this will wreck any good reputation that you may have managed to build.

It is worth your while to take time over every article that you write, if you do not have the time then consider outsourcing this work to someone who has the knowledge and ability to ghost write your articles for you.

Keep in mind that every article that is published online will be available for months or even years and a good article will continue to drive targeted traffic to your website on an ongoing basis. This can make a huge difference in the kind of results your online business legitimately achieves.

2. Think about the people who will be reading your articles and consider what sort of keyword phrases will attract them. Limit the number of keyword phrases that you use to each article to a single phrase. The best place to search for good keyword phrases is in the Google Adwords Research Tool.

Whatever the keyword phrase is that you have decided to use, the correct way to use it is; in the title, and again in the opening and closing paragraphs. Use variations on that keyword phrase scattered throughout your article, but do not overdo it and don't sacrifice the quality of the article by overuse of the phrase. This type of thing will get your article rejected by all the top article directories.

3. Always keep in mind who your reading audience is and concentrate on giving them what you think they want from you and something that will be of value to them.

4. Your headline is very important as this is where you will either gain or lose a reader. A headline that is striking will arouse people's curiosity and get them to read more. Get people curious enough from your headline and it is practically guaranteed that they will read your article to find out more. So spend time on finding the right headline.

5. If you have aroused your reader's curiosity with your headline enough for them to follow through and read your article then you certainly don't want to lose them when they get to the summary. Try to keep their interest going enough to want to learn more about you and what you do by making your summary as interesting as your article and headline.

6. Once you have written an article of good quality, then you must use leverage to get the best from it. Write a few variations of the article utilizing different keyword phrases and change the opening paragraph a bit and then publish it on various article directories as well as on your website or blog.

So to drive quality targeted traffic to your legitimate online business, follow these tips and not only will you see an improvement in the amount of traffic coming to your website but your reputation as an expert will grow as well.


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