Best MLM Companies - How to choose the right one for you

In the current economic climate many people are looking at alternative ways to earn a living and the power of the internet has created thousands of business opportunities for your consideration.

The work at home option is very attractive to many people as the basic set up can be as minimal as access to the internet and a phone. A work from home based business is very popular as it does not discriminate and is open to everyone regardless of your age, where you live or what your past or present career is.

A home based business offers alternative work opportunities if you want to stay home with your kids, if you are retired but still need to gather your nest-egg, if you have a disability and are house-bound, if you live in an isolated area and many other reasons. It can be an extremely lucrative and an exciting way to earn your living using the power of the internet.

However, a word of warning to you when you are looking at a work from home business opportunity. You will save time and money if you find the best MLM companies available before you take the plunge and enter the incredibly interesting world of network marketing.

Here is a checklist you will need to consider before you sign up.

Does the company actually exist, are there are real people you can talk to at any time?

Does the business offer a product or service that stands alone without you having to promote the business opportunity?

Will there be on-going training and support and will this training be conducted by the successful achievers in the company?

Is there full support from the company, an email address and phone numbers you can contact at any time?

Does the company have a duplicatable system the top achievers in the company use for their success?

And is this same system available for you?

How does the compensation plan work? Do you get paid commissions upfront and generous residual ongoing commissions?

Does the company demonstrate a culture of real leadership from the top producers all the way down to new and inexperienced business owners?

Is the company respected and do the leaders have passion and integrity and are they held in high esteem throughout the entire community of members?

Only when all of these boxes have been ticked, should you proceed with the business opportunity you are considering. If not, you run a very real risk of failure with the choice you make.

Keep in mind that 97% of people who start a home based business fail within the first three months. It is usually due to the business model and marketing system, not the business owner.

When you have completed your research and chosen the right business opportunity for you, network marketing will open up a whole new world. You can't imagine how powerful and life-changing this information is within the business community.

To be a successful entrepreneur and join a motivated business community is liberating and empowering. The level of success you achieve is up to you and it is this success that will change your life. Make sure you make the right choice for you!


Midge Hand is a Director in High Profile Enterprises and specializes in SEO and social media marketing.

Midge uses her skills in online marketing to assist small enterprises to get top search results and is adept at finding keywords to perfectly match and reflect a particular indu...

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