The Eyes Have It ...See How To Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting a Work From Home Business

What you see is what you get? How often have you heard someone say that? What does it mean and is it true?

If you relate it to the world of business, then most often it does mean, what you see IS what you get. Anything that offers giveaway prices, cheap businesses for sale, or stuff heavily discounted, comes with its own price, albeit a little bit further down the track. It it's a brick and mortar business you are looking to buy, there will be a reason it's going cheap, i.e owner can't pay the rent, shop is located in low foot traffic area, business can't afford to advertise, several lean seasons prior to recession resulting in lack of business, no fat in the business because the income only just covers the overheads, plus a whole host of other legitimate and valid reasons.
If it's stock that's offered at rock bottom prices, you can be sure it will be discounted for a reason, it's either out of fashion, out of season, has been replaced by something bigger and better, it's the wrong colour, it's old, out of date, etc. etc.
BEWARE OF CHEAP - it's a ploy designed to get you sucked into something cheap now, but there will be pay-backs later. If you buy cheap, chances are that you're a sucker for a bargain and always on the lookout for another cheap deal without any subsance or sustainability. Think about it..if setting up a business was really that cheap, wouldn't eveyone be doing it?
And, if you are looking at a home based business the same rules apply. When you are looking around the home based business industry, you will be bombarded on a daily basis by people offering to give you free stuff that will make you thousands overnight (just see the proof from their bank accounts)!! They will try to convince you (and will succeed) that your business sucks, and why you should quit yours and join theirs - as they have the magic formula for making thousands, over night!!
As a newbie online marketer, working in the home based industry, it is tempting to dive into these long winded landing pages and with all the information out there, it can be very distracting, you can waste a lot of time looking for something that doesn't exist. Because, what you see, is not necessarily what you get. Sure, you can get into a home based business for less than $47.00 (or even less if a live agent comes online and offers you a discount for the next 24 hours - only)!! but once you have bought your e-book and 12 CD's you will then need to spend more money on advertising, either on google or yahoo. And there is nothing wrong with that... The person selling you this e-information has obviously sent a lot of time and money learning this stuff and is now asking you to pay a small price for his expertise and years of internet marketing expertise.
But, why is it that they don't tell you about these ongoing costs upfront when you sign up for their home based business opportunity? Is it because no-one would sign up if they knew there were ongoing costs? But, why wouldn't there be? How can you possibly think you can start a business, whether it be a traditional brick and mortar business or an online business working from home without any sort of investment? With the traditional type of business you will need to think about stock, rent, shop security, leases, staff, holidays, sick pay, capital tax, insurance, overheads as well as working 60 hours plus a week.
And now, consider the advantages of running your own online home business - you will eliminate all of these:
the daily commute
corporate wardrobe (I even work in my PJ's sometimes)
office politics
transport costs
putting your kids in day care
corporate stress that results in chronic illness later in life
four weeks mandatory holidays annually, same old, same old
But the best thing about a home based online business is you have the opportunity to make more money in one year that you would make in five years at a traditional job.
So, when you do your research to start your online business working from home, think about what you are doing. Like a traditional business, you will need to be in it for the long haul, you will need all the same requirements as you do for the corner shop, i.e. commitment, dedication, hard work, focus, passion and lots more...but I can guarantee you one thing, you won't work 60 hours plus a week for the rest of your life, your kids will grow up knowing who you are, you will get to spend quality time with family, you will get to have holidays when you want them, you will meet like-minded people who will be your friends and mentors for life and offer you amazing support, you will live a longer, healthier, happier life with the financial freedom to do whatever you want with your life. What other job offers you this in such a short time?
I recently signed up a person who wanted to come into my business. When I explained the registration process and the initial investment of $60.50 - she ran away. I wondered at this point how anyone could possibly think they could start a business without spending any money! She was sure she could find a work from home based business that didn't cost anything...If they exist at all, wouldn't everyone be signing up?
Use your discretion, do your research, investigate the company, make sure there is a training programme in place and of course back up support for you. Use your eyes to see beyond the obvious, because what you see is not always what you get...


Midge Hand is a Director in High Profile Enterprises and specializes in SEO and social media marketing.

Midge uses her skills in online marketing to assist small enterprises to get top search results and is adept at finding keywords to perfectly match and reflect a particular indu...

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