The Sun Always Come Up in the Morning

In my household we have a saying, “the sun always comes up in the morning.” We remind each other of this when we have had a hard day and it just doesn’t seem like it is going to get any better. Sometimes it just feels like that there is no end in sight and the situation looks hopeless.

“The sun always comes up in the morning” comes from my days back in the Army, specifically my early time in the infantry. Many times we would be out on a combat patrol. It would be night and we would be lying in ambush position in the pouring rain, we might be in a patrol base and trying to get a few minutes of rest with mosquitoes buzzing in our ears with the darkness edging in on us, it might have been freezing cold and the nighttime just made it colder. These could be very miserable times. It would be hard to focus. At the same time, it was critically important that we stay on task, remain vigilant, quiet and in position. We would whisper in our buddies’ ear lying next to us, “the sun always comes up in the morning.”

…And amazingly it would.

The day break of sun coming up through the jungle canopy or over the hills would breathe new life and energy into us. It might still be raining, the mosquitoes might still be there, and it might be just as cold as it was a couple hours ago, but with the sun we were ready to start anew.

When you look at very successful people, you see the ability to start new each day. To self-recharge and begin again. It’s hard doing a lot of things, almost everything. Being a parent, earning a living, running a business, having a spouse. Through all of this there are going to be some tough times. You have to do remember two things. Keep the faith and keep doing the right things. Sometimes it seems like the darkness will never end.

It does though. The sun always comes up in the morning.


For almost 20 years, Mike Martel was a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces. He is now working in the private sector consulting with people to get extraordinary, Special Forces like results in their lives and businesses. Mike's book Get ER Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity is available at his website – Achieve The Green Beret Way.

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