Best MLM Companies – Scary Facts From Inside The MLM Industry!

This story started when my wife Midge was made redundant from her General Manager position at a high end fashion label. The fashion industry had been dealt a blow by the worldwide recession and sales were suffering. After attempting to gain employment in associated fields with no luck Midge started to research the possibility of a home based business. She researched all of the best mlm companies and found one which checked out very well. Also this company was in the wellness field which appealed.

Full of excitement about the potential of this new business (according to all of the company literature), Midge set about building a successful business. Positioning herself at the top level of the compensation plan and learning the strategies to recruit and sell the products was the first step. 14 hour days of toil and a dedication to the business were natural considering Midge's corporate and business experience.

After months of using the training, paying for expensive offline advertising, buying leads from the recommended vendors and racking up massive phone bills trying to convince prospects to join the business, the income from commissions was still less than the automatic shipment of products.

This was soul destroying after a successful corporate career.

The attrition rate both for the products and the recruits was unimaginably high. Many of the recruits thought that paying even the lowest entry level fee of $60 was far too expensive! Many had a lottery mentality after reading the official advertising and thought they could make a fortune by investing a couple of hours of their time a week. Many people who bought the products did not even use them and then came back saying that the products didn't work.

Midge became more and more frustrated by the tiny monthly checks arriving in the mail. "Am I doing something wrong? Is it me? Am I just not good at this?"

Midge came across a free service online which independently analysed the compensation plan of this reputable mlm company. The answers were sobering to say the least. It would take 20,000 leads to build a 10k a month income with this structure! No wonder things were not happening!

In desperation we began searching online for a solution. We researched a business opportunity in Top Tier Direct Sales and I launched myself into this business. The speed of success with this different type of compensation plan was amazing and the level of internet marketing training was so many light years ahead of the traditional mlm companies that we were not surprised by the failure of Midge's business.

Of course it made sense for Midge to jump across to my business and to give up on the mlm dream after thousands of dollars spent and 12 months of hard work. The business models were so different and the results were chalk and cheese.

So if you are considering investing your time and money into an MLM company I urge you to do your research first and find an opportunity which at least has a chance of success.


Internet based home business is the major growth area in wealth creation today!

Mike Morgan and his wife Midge Hand are award winning internet entrepreneurs who specialize in teaching free internet marketing strategies to dominate the front pages of Google.

It took them just four months to make the leaders boards for their company!

Now they mentor and train a rapidly growing international team in the areas of i...

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8th June 2014 3:26pm
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