The Law of Attraction Can Work For You or Against You in Your Home Based Internet Business

The Law of Attraction is an extremely powerful influence in your home based internet business. All of your results both positive and negative are directly related to the influence of this law. The law of attraction simply means what you give is what you get. If you operate with a mindset of fear or worry, or you are focused only on what you can get for yourself it will be extremely difficult to make any progress in this very competitive environment of online business. Your focus may be on making a lot of money fast and this may be for a number of reasons. Getting out of debt is one of the main reasons people want to earn money fast but if the mindset is all about self the going will be tough.

If on the other hand you are genuinely focused on helping others achieve their dreams you may be surprised to witness the monetary benefits. This should also be the focus of the leaders in your internet marketing business. Unfortunately too many online businesses are focused on wealth creation for the people at the top. This is not a healthy model to be involved with.

I witnessed an interesting example of how the law of attraction can have a negative outcome while out walking this week. A woman on a mobility scooter was driving along the footpath I was on when she spotted a car parked across the path in front of her. She shouted out to me asking me "who owns that car?" I was somewhat bemused as of course I had no idea. She went on to rant about how inconsiderate people were always doing things to make her life difficult. Having some sympathy for her predicament and having noticed there was plenty of room for her to pass safely behind the car I offered to step onto the road to slow any traffic and to make any motorists aware she was going around the car. "No, I will not" she said and with that she pulled out her cellphone and dialed a towing company. She was prepared to sit and wait for half an hour in order to punish an individual she didn't know for a transgression they would have had no idea they had made. Absolutely surprising! I knocked on the door of a nearby house and the very apologetic owner moved the car under a storm of ugly abuse.

The whole situation got me thinking about how this woman is continually inviting misfortune with her aggression and unpleasantness and how her life could be a whole lot better if she wasn't angry at everyone around her and if she didn't look for ways to hurt or punish others. This of course will not happen. She will probably vent on some talkback radio station or write scathing letters to papers the whole time pitying herself for her terrible situation.

It is almost a shock to meet someone like this as I am so used to working with an incredibly positive and giving group of entrepreneurs. The people I work with are constantly giving to others. One of my mentors has a saying "Do something really good for someone today and do it in the knowing that they could never repay you and watch this world become a better place!" Absolute genius really.


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