Running that Extra Mile for Your Clients

Also known as the ‘wow’ factor and ‘under promising and over delivering’ on your customer service. Ok, so think back to a time when you purchased a product and came away feeling that you completely enjoyed the experience and would recommend their service to all of your associates and friends. Got it? Now think of a time when the service you received was poor and you would now do the reverse and recommend that non of your friends should use this business or service? Really think of that experience now.

So what was the core difference between the two experiences? Well you may have been let down by a poor quality product that just wasn’t performing as recommended, but you will probably also notice that it wasn’t the problem that you experienced with the product – it was more of how that problem was dealt with by their team.

There may also have been no product issue - it may have been that you have just been served by a team member that you perceived just didn’t really care about your custom. This is known as perceived indifference, and it may have been down to just a few words or actions that have changed your complete perception of the business you were dealing with. This is down to consistency.

So which person, in your business, is responsible for marketing your business?

Whenever you carry out spontaneous acts of outstanding service, you'll keep that customer indefinitely and they'll become one of your best referral sources.

Remember, however, that spontaneous acts can be extremely positive or extremely negative. Spontaneous acts can create wow or kill a client relationship in an instant.

Clients Killers:

1) Not ringing back when you promised

2) Promising something will be ready in five days when it takes seven

3) Being inattentive to client needs

4) Clients perceiving that you just don’t care by your ‘attitude’

5) Forgetting or not listening to their requests

6) Forgetting their names

7) Letting your phone ring more than five rings and not answering

8) Having an automated multi choice telephone answering system (huge turn off)

Client ‘Wows’:

1) Always Ringing back promptly

2) Promising something will be ready in seven days and doing it in five

3) Being ‘present’ with clients at all times

4) Being congruent with your business vision and mission

5) Noting all clients requests and having a system to ensure they are acted upon

6) Remember their names AND sending them a thank you card

7) Answering your phone within four rings.

Outstanding Customer Service = Outstanding Business Profits

Every member of your team is responsible for the marketing of your business

So what three ‘wow’ factors can you implement into your business right now?

What three client killers can you also identify in your business right now?

What are you passionate about in your business?

How are you delivering that passion to your clients through your current business methods and team attitude?


Mike is a business growth specialist, business coach, speaker and author (based in St Ives near Cambridge UK) who inspires, educates, motivates, trains and coaches business owners to attain their business and lifestyle goals and to accelerate their business growth and success. Using some of the most advanced business tools and strategies, he practices the belief that running a business should be a fun and rewarding experience which encourages a life / work balance that enables business owners t...

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