Why is my Website's page title important?

When a potential customer types in a search query to find a business or service you provide the search engine trying to match that search with a number of areas on your Website.

For example, if I type in "computer software" the search engine will often look at some key factors.

1. Your URL: You would obviously rank better if your domain was computersoftware.com The url here is relevant to the business.

2. Page Title: If my url is SoftwareCentral.com I want make sure computer software is the first two words in the page title. Example of a page title for softwarecentral.com:

Computer Software, Get Free Shipping on all Computer Software Purchases over $35


Computer Software, Personal Computer Software, Software Solutions for Home Offices

Please note the keywords I am using are relevant to my business. I sell computer software that provides solutions for consumers. Your page title can be a phrase or list of targeted keywords separated by comma. You should use no more then 12 words in your page title.

The page title is often times one of the first places Web spiders look to identify your content.

Make your page title effective, relevant, and include the keywords that drive your business.


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