How to Pick a Great Online Business

The Internet Revolution has changed the face of the traditional business model. New opportunities are opening up every day for average individuals to provide immense wealth as well as a lifestyle for their families. Millions are breaking away from the traditional job which does not recognize a person's true worth, and they are now receiving the incomes they deserve.

If you are looking for a chance to improve your life through entrepreneurship, you need to perform due diligence on each opportunity you evaluate. The following points should be used to do your initial evaluation.

  • 1. Find a business that has a unique product line that is in high demand.
  • 2. Be sure there is a lucrative payment plan with paid up-front commission and residuals on the back end.
  • 3. Make sure there is a marketing system that fits your needs. The company should also have a strong internet marketing division.
  • 4. Evaluate the company management. Ensure that the goals are ethical and encompass more than just a big paycheck.
  • 5. Ensure that there is a capacity for global expansion. Information products are particularly well suited for this aspect.
  • 6. Evaluate the altruistic goals of the company. Does it give back to the community? Does it focus on helping everyone to become successful, or is it focused on making a few rich at the expense of others?
  • 7. Is a support staff in place to provide access for questions to be answered? Is there a forum for obstacles and solutions? Does it have a supportive family-type atmosphere? Is there a professional sales staff to close the sales for you?
Most of all, be sure you are comfortable with the products, methods, and general framework of the organization with which you are considering. Once you have made up your mind to adopt the entrepreneurial mindset, realize that you cannot accept failure. You must pick yourself up with each setback and continue on your journey. Remember that you are never a failure until you give up. You deserve more than corporations want to give you. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey to realize your full potential!



Mimi Ward, PMP, is an M3 Master Consultant and member of WorldWideSolutionz.  Ward received her B.S. from Emory University and M.A. in Neuropsychology from Georgia State University.  She was involved in the early research which culminated in the development of the SSRI class of antidepressants.  Ward later transitioned into Information Technology and held positions in that career in various capacities in the Software Development Life Cycle and Management. &n...

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