Effective Beauty Tips for Work at Home Moms

Affordable beauty Tips for work at home moms

Most of the beauty products found in the market are too expensive and for a work at home mom eager to start a home business, it might be difficult to keep up with the market trends. The best thing to do is to go for beauty recipes that are easy to find and don't hurt your budget as well.

Beauty tips for smooth, flawless skin

During the hectic pace of your day, you might forget to cleanse and moisturize your face. One of the most natural ways to moisturize your face is to cover your face with honey and leave it for around 20 minutes, preferably when you are sitting and not running about. The honey will feel a little sticky at first; however it is one of the best ways to naturally moisturize your face. Once you wash off your face, you will notice how soft and supple your skin feels.

Easy Lip care

As with other parts of your body, your lips too need good care and maintenance. You could damp a towel and rub it gently over your lips to remove the unwanted dead skin. Now apply a coat of Vaseline and you will feel a world of difference. Dry and flaking lips often leave an appearance of shabbiness. Keep your lips smooth and clear, and you won't even need to apply lipstick.

Nail care

Most work at home moms tend to neglect their nails as they go about their household work and home business. Your nails say a lot about you and add to your overall appearance. Therefore taking care of your nails should be a part of your regular beauty regimen. You don't have to use expensive products from the market or visit the costly beauty parlor in your local area, all you need to do is keep them clean and filed. Before using varnish on your nails, you can also coat them with olive or almond oil for smoother finish.

Home remedies for puffy eyes

Being a work at home with a toddler is bound to keep you awake at nights. This results in heavy, puffy eyes that do no good to your appearance. One effective grandmother's beauty tip is to cover your eyes with fresh slices of cucumber and relax for around 10 minutes. This is sure to bring back that fresh look to your eyes. Another beauty tip for tired, puffy eyes is to cover them with tea bags and let them relax for 5-10 minutes.

Taking care of your feet

As a busy work at home mom you may not have the time or the money to visit the parlor for regular pedicures. One effective home beauty recipe is to thoroughly wash your feet, and slowly take off the dead skin with the help of a foot filer or pumice stone. Once you have done that, apply an affordable body lotion on your feet and put on socks before going to bed. Next morning, you will be surprised at how soft and smooth your feet feel.

Beauty care does not mean investing hours every day on your skin, hair, nails, etc. A quick 10-minute beauty regimen can also help you maintain your beauty and radiance. Make sure that you stick to these easy to follow, beauty tips as you go about your busy schedule as an active work at home mom.


Moon Loh is a Singapore Work at Home Mom and is a Mompreneur in Internet Business. Moon Loh also specialize in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing and is a Mompreneur Coach in Internet Network Marketing.

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