How to Design your First Website

Designing a good website is very important as it will help you establish an online presence as you reach out to potential customers all over the world. The power of the internet as a marketing medium is immense and you could earn a handsome income by putting up a great website. When it comes to learning how to design a website, don't let the initial technicalities get you down- everybody learns from the basics and you will be no exception. It is the same as learning how to drive a car or learning how to swim. Once you learn your way around the tools, designing a website can be fun and easy, allowing you to express your creativity in any way that you like.

Web designing tools and tutorials

You will be surprised with the number of tools and tutorials on web designing that you will find online. These tutorials are easy to understand and the best part is that most of them come for free- an ideal package for a work at home mom looking at starting her own home based business. The first thing you need to do before starting to design your website is to think of what exactly you would like to put up. What is it that you would like your visitors to see? Jotting down your ideas on a piece of paper will help you clear your thoughts. It is highly recommended that you avoid cluttering your website with too many texts and visuals on the very first page itself- visitors should be able to easily navigate through your site.

Getting inspiration from other sites

One great way to make sure that you design your website the way you would like to is to have a look at other websites on the internet that could be similar to your line of business. The idea here is to just take inspiration and not copy. Of course you have your own creative ideas, but checking out what other websites are doing could help you think of a better way to make your website all the more appealing and useful.

Keeping your website simple and elegant

When you begin to learn web-designing tools, you will come across many interesting applications that allow you to add music, flash banners, and other features on your site. However tempting it might be for you to use all of this on your website, try and keep your site as simple and elegant as possible. Most visitors get put off by websites that have too many features, and due to the clutter and noise on your website you might end up losing many potential customers. It's always best to stick to a simple design that gets across the message effectively.

Getting an objective opinion

When you invest a lot of time working on your website you may not be able to objectively judge its quality. During such times it is best to get a family member or friend to have a look at your site and give an opinion. This way you will know where you stand and if you need to make any changes.

Learning to design a website is an interesting activity. You can learn from scratch and design a site according to your tastes and styles. What could be better than that?


Moon Loh is a Singapore Work at Home Mom and is a Mompreneur in Internet Business. Moon Loh also specialize in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing and is a Mompreneur Coach in Internet Network Marketing.

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