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For a lot of US residents between the age group of 55-64, retirement living has become synonymous with forsaking medical health insurance security. Not many employers offer coverage of health for the retirees who stop working at an early age. The majority of these retirees find it hard to purchase protection in the individual market because they currently have preexisting ailments such as type 2 diabetes or hypertension or perhaps merely find it costly.


The health reform, authorized into regulation, features some wonderful concepts that should help to make health insurance quotes inexpensive and affordable. It will also increase the health coverage to all the Americans, stabilize household finances, make the health system lasting and will stabilize the Federal budget and also the economic system.

The health insurance reform, by supplying the largest middle class tax cut for healthcare and by lowering the price of the premium for the millions of priced outside of coverage small businesses and families, has made the insurance very affordable. It will insure as many as 95% of all Americans.

Michael Johnson, a health insurance specialist recently said, "By setting a highly competitive health insurance market, the health insurance reform, will provide millions of Americans with choices of insurance as that of the members of the Congress.".

By carving out simple commonsense principles that protect against refusal of treatment, industry insurance abuses and low premium rates, the health insurance reform provides a large amount of responsibility into the insurance industry.

By reducing the deficit up to $100 billion in the coming ten years and by $1 trillion through the next two decades and by slicing the expenses of the federal government and governing the fraud, waste and abuse, the health insurance reform brings the budget and economy right on a secure path.

The President of the United States has guaranteed that the medical health insurance reform is a different one and will be inclusive, open and transparent and that all the parties will find out a solution to the issues of the health care.

The Obama Administration has total confidence in the medical health insurance reform and thinks that the health reform will:

* Reduce the cost of the long-term healthcare for authorities and the businesses.

* Safeguard the families from debts and bankruptcy because of the costs of the healthcare.

* Assure selection of health options along with of the doctors.

* Put money into wellness and prevention.

* Improve quality of health care and safety of the people.

* Ensure excellent and affordable healthcare insurance to all Americans.

Contact Barack Obama and his administration if you would like to have them explain the two thousand page health care bill they passed last year before reading it.


Morgan Moran is an insurance consultant in the state of Florida and is the managing partner of Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions.  His strong background in financial management includes: health insurance, life insurance, annuities, and asset management. He has proven methodologies to help his client with all aspects of financial risk management. Morgan holds a B.S. degree from the University ...

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