Success by Association

One of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to ensure change is to surround yourself with people who will pull you into your future. Look for people who reflect who you want to become. They have accomplished your goal or are well on their way.


* Want to lose weight and get healthy? Make friends with people who eat healthy and work out.

* Want to increase your sales? Hang out with people who are great at sales.

* Want more inner peace? Spend time with peaceful friends.

* Want to be a millionaire? Get yourself into a group of millionaires.

* Would you like to be a kinder, happier person? Find yourself some kind, happy people. Consider joining a charity.

And this is key: celebrate the successes of your friends! Their success shows you that you are getting closer. The more successful your friends are, the more successful you will be too!


* What is around you becomes more real, more normal. You start to think like your comrades.

* You don't have to fight the pull of a negative environment. A community of people who are what you want to become creates an energetic momentum that carries you forward.

* This new reality becomes imprinted in your unconscious. You are moving forward even when you are not consciously "working" at it.


Notice where you spend your time.

How can you surround yourself with people who will help you move forward?


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