10 Things to Do During Your Summer Vacation

1. Rest. We all need it, so don’t feel guilty and enjoy the slower pace that summer brings. I love sleeping in until 8am, instead of my normal 5:30am wake up call to get my son off to school! Get to bed early when you can and try not to turn on the news before bed time.

2. Relax. You will be able to relax when you’re well rested – it may take a day or

two, before you get in the groove, but you will. Take deep breaths and slow your

mind. Allow it to be open to new ideas when you’re ready to receive them.

3. Catch up with friends and family. Have a simple pot-luck cookout or picnic and

re-connect with those you love and don’t see as often as you’d like. Keep it simple

and impromptu – sometimes those are the best times we can share with each other.

4. Visit a new place you haven’t been to before. There are many beautiful places

around you that you probably have not taken the time to see or visit. Do so now. It

will enlighten you to your local surroundings and provide you with food for thought

when generating new ideas for your personal and business life.

5. Read a book, or two or three. Summer is the best time to give yourself permission

to read for pleasure. It’s great to read a good business book, but the books that allow

you to put yourself into someone else’s world are wonderful escapes that can leave

you rejuvenated and intrigued.

6. Leave your PDA at home. There are so many electronic devices we need to

respond to, there’s something to be said for shutting them all down on occasion.

Remember, most people are taking time off now, too, so there’s probably nothing very

urgent you need to be responding to – unless you’re a physician on call, so leave

the gizmos at home when you hit the beach.

7. Attend a conference or convention you’ve been wanting to participate in. For

me, David Neagles’ seminar came up quickly and I seized the moment! I already had

the other convention on my calendar and it was serendipity that they didn’t overlap,

but dovetailed into one another. I return home and am alone for a couple of days,

before I collect my three children and get ready for school!

8. Reflect on the year so far. Summertime is a great mid-point to the year that allows

you to take note of your accomplishments to date and re-visit some of the things

you’d like to continue to pursue in the months to come, or before the end of the year –

just in time for those infamous resolutions.

9. Sit on the beach and listen to an audio book. If you’re compelled to fill your mind

with more business development information, a How To CD program might be just the

thing? Resist the urge to take notes while listening. Close your eyes and take in

what you can. If something strikes a chord with you, that’s what you were meant to


10. Set some Back to School, Back to Business Goals for yourself. Before Labor

Day comes around, write down a list of things you’d like to do this fall and beginning

of winter. Have map, will travel. Make some decisions and start the academic year

off with a bang! People are most motivated to start new projects in the fall and the

New Year because of our past conditioning with school, etc. Try it for yourself and

look at your list come Thanksgiving. I’ll be you’ll have a lot to be thankful for.


Is the author of five books on marketing for small businesses, including Perfecting Your Pitch, (Career Press 2005) Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, (Adams Media 2000), How To Be A Big Fish In Any Pond, Media Madness, and A to Z to Visibility Served as Small Business Editor at US News & World Report, and the Small Business Marketing Expert for Entrepreneur Magazine. She is a regular contributor to Franchise Update and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business (FSB)...

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