7 Reasons to Invest in Yourself Today

1. You are all you have! I know this to be the case first hand. There’s nothing like a separation, grueling divorce and – here’s the kicker – a near death experience to clue you in that without you and your ability to be at your best – physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually, you have less.

2. You are worth it. You are. No money spent on education or travel is wasted – ever. These things are wise investments in yourself and provide you with a depth and breadth of new experiences, knowledge, information – all that you have available to share with others. These are things that no one can ever take away from you and leave lasting memories and impressions for you to draw upon throughout your life and your business.

3. The increased knowledge you receive will help your business and those businesses and individuals you serve. You become much more fascinating to your prospects and clients the more you invest in yourself and you set an amazing example of how to conduct yourself and your business. It’s never too late to learn something new and share this with those you care about and can have an influence on.

4. By investing in yourself, you’re showing your prospects and clients your increased value and that you walk your talk – authentically. How can we ask others to invest in themselves by using our services if we are not doing the same? Be authentic in your quest to gain insight, share what you learn and encourage others to do the same. My financial planner advised me that the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. It’s the only sure thing in the market.

5. Things will turn around as they always do and you’ll have made major inroads through the process of picking up your game. I disagree with those nay Sayers that say it’s just not a great time to launch or grow your business – au contraire! There is never a better time than when things are uncertain. People are more open to joint ventures, partnerships and some off the wall thinking than ever before. Take advantage of the economical climate and forge ahead in creating and enhancing relationships and partnerships with others. When things turn upward – if not before then -- you and your business will be front and center on their minds.

6. You attract others into your lives that support your desire to better themselves, their situations and most importantly the people (clients) they impact and influence. Associate with people who support and encourage you to reach your goals and dreams. Negative opinions will drag you down, so avoid spending lots of time with folks who continue to focus on the glass being half empty instead of half-full. Sadly, there are some in this world who experience feelings of jealousy and envy when others do well and have high aspirations. Avoid these folks – wish them well and limit your time with them to protect yourself and your most valuable assets – your positive attitude and approach toward the world.

7. Show your gratitude toward clients, prospects, colleagues and friends. There is nothing more powerful than being grateful for the business you do have and creating ways to generate more opportunities for yourself and others. For everything you are grateful, write it down each day and refer to it often. In the depths of my illness, there were some days I remember being so grateful that nothing was being expected of me except to achieve good health. I express gratitude every hour of every day now for having regained my health, my strength, my children, my business and my prospects and clients. Thank you.


Is the author of five books on marketing for small businesses, including Perfecting Your Pitch, (Career Press 2005) Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, (Adams Media 2000), How To Be A Big Fish In Any Pond, Media Madness, and A to Z to Visibility Served as Small Business Editor at US News & World Report, and the Small Business Marketing Expert for Entrepreneur Magazine. She is a regular contributor to Franchise Update and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business (FSB)...

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