Choices, Choices, Choices...

Unless you believe in reincarnation, you would agree that we all only have one life to live. And choices confront us daily, even minute to minute. Some love the plethora of choices, and some may shrink in fear of them. When faced with the inevitable action to choose, it can be very confusing and lead one to wonder:

  • Do choices lead to opportunities?
  • Do choices close the door to opportunities?
  • Do opportunities force you to make choices?
  • Do some opportunities lead you to more choices and others to fewer options?

Well, you may have guessed, but the answer to all of the above is the same...YES!

So how do we navigate the ocean of choices that flood our lives?

1. Choices require complete information - use as much information as you have available to make the best and most informed choice. If you do not feel that you have enough information to make the choice, then do not. Continue going about your methods to obtain data that can contribute to your decision. However, do not consciously use a lack of information as an excuse not to make a choice, because your stalling is a choice in and of itself....

Indecision becomes decision with time. ~Author Unknown

2. Face your choices - do not run from them. For there may come a day, when making that choice is no longer an option.

3. Your choices should not limit you - make choices based the opportunity for growth; in other words, whatever your desired outcome, let your choices result in an open road to that goal, not a series of dead ends.

4. When you make a choice - that decisive action should empower you. Do not second guess yourself.

5. If an opportunity has been lost - by time or circumstance - find a new choice you can make with what remains, and perhaps open up new opportunities that were not there before.

6. Learn to listen - make time to listen to the whispers of your heart and mind, and do not dimiss their loudest shouts either. They are telling you the choices that count the most.

Some choices will lead us to certain joy, others to unforeseen pain - and, perhaps that is choice's biggest risk. But, seek and you shall find...the opportunity for new choices to reframe the old and take you farther along on your journey of life.


Natalya Sabga is a project management professional and operational efficiency expert turned business and academic advisor with years of professional management experience. She is fascinated with the study of human behavior and has parlayed this into a successful writing career. Ms. Sabga is the author of "From Secretary to CEO: A Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder Without Losing Your Identity"(2010). She is also the President of

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