Google Search Vs. Google Content. Who wins?

Jul 24

Buy the “thoughts” of your customers and capitalize on traffic sources that nobody else is able to find.

Have you ever started out a Google adwords campaign and looked at the difference in search vs. content searches? There are a ton more results for the content side, but the results are terrible, or so I first thought. If you are like me, you had probably discounted the content network and maybe even disabled it. But what a mistake that is. You may be ignoring 60% of your buying customers.

Let me explain:

The Google search network ads appear on the Google search results pages themselves.

The Google content network, your ads appear on Google’s partner sites, which is basically anyone with an adsense account.

Here is why I love the content network so much.

1. It’s cheap. Content network clicks are usually 30% or more cheaper than search network.

2. Google is on top of their game and the content network is much better now than it used to be. No more junk websites.

3. There is more of it. Your ads get seen thousands more time on content network compared to search.

4. It converts. The content network converts sales just as well as the search network, and sometimes even better. In fact, some campaigns I turn off the search network because the content converts 200% better.

5. It tests faster. Because of the number of exposures you can get test results in a few days rather than a few weeks. So you can see which ads are working best.

Here is why content works.

A search viewer is a seeker. He is a thirsty guy walking into a store ready to buy a drink. If you have one, he is buying. That’s what he came in for.

A content viewer is a lady doing the grocery shopping and while waiting at the checkout she is lured by the cold refrigerator full of Coca-Cola. Her mouth starts to salivate as she opens up and grabs one.

She is a passive buyer. She had no intention of buying a coke at the checkout, but given the opportunity, she happily paid $1.50 for a small bottle of cold, ready to drink coke, rather than $1.85 for a 2 liter bottle she would have to take home and chill.

Seekers are “lay down” traffic. If you have what they want they will buy it. But, there is usually HUGE competition in the seeker business.

Content traffic is “what I want” traffic. You buy because you want it, not because you need it. Any good marketer will tell you that people spend money on what they want rather than what they need by a margin of 10 to 1.

If you need it, you search, you compare prices, you shop around, you contemplate.

If you want it, you just buy it!

Do you see the power in it now?

So, before you go and discount the content network, think about what you have just read.

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