Team Fundraising is Simple and Effective with New Visa Card Fundraiser

Team fundraising has a whole new look and success rate with the New Visa Card Fundraiser from The Cup Certificates. Fundraising cards are not new to the industry, but usually they had to be spent with a certain company or to buy certain products. Not any more. The New Visa Card Fundraiser is so successful as donors are receiving Visa gift cards back in the mail each and every month for doing the same things they normally do every month.

This unique fundraising idea was brought about by having alliances with top companies in the food and fuel industries and creating a loyalty program that rewarded consumers for shopping with a particular company. The concept was so successful for businesses, non-profits and consumers that many other industries have now asked to take part in the program. The Cup Certificates along with have partnered with companies in the dining, pharmacy, movie, sports, spas and retail industries also to offer a rebate program that rewards shoppers for choosing to be loyal to one company.

This new demand is great for team fundraising as donors are happy to pay a nominal donation to help out the non-profit organization in order to receive hundreds of dollars of visa cards that can be used anywhere they choose. It is a win-win for the fundraising team and the donor.

Neil Howe, fundraising manager at The Cup Certificates says, “This has been a great sports fundraiser and clubs and schools alike are raving at the success and the response they are getting from their donors. The fact that everybody wins in this equation makes it work so well.”

The fundraising team will go to friends and family or to parents work and around the neighborhood with a catalog explaining the benefits of this Visa Card Fundraiser. They then collect the money, just like those girl scouts do and within a couple of weeks, the certificates are delivered to them individually.

The certificates are then redeemed online and every month when the recipient collects $100 in receipts from the grocery store or gas company they choose to be loyal to they mail them in to the redemption centre and receive a $25 Visa gift card in the mail. This continues until the full value of the certificate is redeemed.

Howe says, “I use these vouchers myself and each and every time I get one of those Visa cards I the mail, I smile. It has helped with my business that the word of mouth referrals keep coming in. Once I have the fundraiser in one school or sports team, I get many inquires from the same local area from people hearing about it or participating in it as a donor.”

It seems the Visa card fundraiser is a success for team fundraising and will continue to grow throughout local communities.


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