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During this post I'll reveal to you a number of realities with regards to marketing and advertising, with an emphasis on print ads, which I guarantee you've probably never heard before. A lot of this content is highly sensitive and subsequently you would never ever spot these kinds of tips available anywhere else.

I will be quickly laying out for you a trustworthy selection of my most reliable copy writing and print ad design principles. These are standards that happen to have been applied countless numbers of times and still keep working to achieve outstanding results. No matter what you happen to be marketing it's important to remember that you happen to be selling to people. Your customers all work, have hobbies as well as have problems with their kids, spouse or partner. They will most certainly want to be able to work a lot less, look and feel 10 years younger and also need to drop off a few kilos and do more exercise. In other words - they are normal people much like you and I. Human nature will never change. And that is the reason why the principles listed below will probably apply now just as they did 8, 33, or even 90 years ago, so here we go.

Irresistible offer! To be integrated along with the call to action. This needs to be something unbelievable, magnetic and unbeatable. Employing dollar quantities is really effective.

Test, check and analyze again - Incorporate a bunch of distinct headlines, proposals and price tags and gauge the results. Subdue your ego and recognize that you do not know what exactly is best. Try out the ads and let the market come to the conclusion.

Hand out a bonus or perhaps something completely free! Very often you'll make the sale as a result of the bonus items which come with what you are offering. The perfect bonus items are information products like free e-books and audio CD's mainly because they will cost you next to nothing to manufacture and hold a high perceived value. Be generous - the greater the perceived value of the special, the far more you'll sell.

Make use of e-mail reply, txt and answering services - It's actually been shown that many people are more inclined to talk to a recorded service or email mainly because it is free and furthermore they do not have to do business with anyone in person. Coupons increase revenue! - It has been recently shown that discount coupons get a better response simply because people cut them out and they work as some sort of reminder to act.

When you don't currently have some sort of high quality, unique, systematic and timely follow-up approach that strikes your potential customers with your message not less than four to 8 times, you'll likely be losing some easy money! The bottom-line is this: following up can easily accelerate your revenue significantly. In fact, posting multiple follow-up emails may very well accelerate product sales by 80% to 400% or sometimes much more! Let me reveal the normal approach which Salon proprietors use. These people mail out an promotion to their subscriber list and sit by and wait for the jobs or the telephone to ring. Now, you might have a bit of success. However this is only a drop in the ocean in contrast to what you could possibly achieve if you followed up four to eight times. Will this take any work? Simple reply is You bet! However you can easily systemize it and make it automatic. And that's where marketing via email can work for you. Think of an automatic follow up strategy sent straight to your qualified prospects e-mail mailbox. The moment you set it up, it is going to proceed to be sent to all your potential clients that have provided you with their e mail address. It is working for you twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week and never ever needs a holiday, actually you don't need any employees for this to operate. I've seen a Beauty store mail out 3 email messages promoting a special occasion. After only a few minutes of the first e-mail going out the phone started to ring. And this went on for over 7 days as potential clients opened their messages and responded to the promotion. The end result was around twenty thousand dollars in gross sales created via e mail marketing. Is your small business doing that?

With a little luck these tips will give you a few new concepts and show you a new way to look at and measure the performance of your print ads. Don't forget, it really is all about the end result. The only element which matters in advertising and marketing is the outcome, the bottom line. Attractive, elegant, nice-looking, trendy and fashionable don't mean a thing if they do not earn you money.



I'm a small business marketing consultant specializing in mail merge word 2003 and helping people set up an excel database. I also write and design the best print ads on this side of the pacific!


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