What You Need to look for in an Internet Mentor and Coach

In the world of Internet marketing, every other Twitter profile has it, everybody wants to be it, and everybody thinks they got it …but do they really? It’s the ole’

I’m Your Internet Marketing Mentor and Coach “.

To be a real mentor and coach is takes a lot more than you think. I prefer the definition of this human relationship taken from Jim Rohn. Here are the four (4) stages of relationship building.

The first phase is “prospect”, this is when they visit your Blog or a landing page and like what you have to say or perhaps there is a connection based upon where you have been in your life or how you have managed to overcome an obstacle that perhaps they relate to as well. In other words you have something in common.

Phase 2 is the “customer” and this is when they feel comfortable about buying some of your affiliate stuff, like programs or tools to help them build their business. This is a casual relationship that broadcast emails are perfectly acceptable so that they can tie into webinars that you have discovered or want to share with them something that would benefit their business.

Then it’s the third phase: “client”. This is the phase that is the most miss-understood. This is the phase when you separate the wheat from the shaft. In today’s Internet marketing arena “top tier” companies rule cyberspace. What I mean by “Top Tier” is this is where the big money is made and normally this is where the big money is paid when you join.

With the economy being what it is, a lot of people are willing to roll the dice. You all know the saying;” big risk big reward”. This is where the relationship needs to change however. To be really effective in this arena the way we sponsor and train must change too. It requires more responsibility and accountability for the care of the “client”. It’s no more a casual relationship based on a $195 distributer kit.

Sponsors Clients need to be taken under the umbrella of protection and be Sheppard through the process. The sponsor drives success based upon his experience and expertise creating short cuts and passing on those lessons learned the hard way.

In the client phase its constant and continuous personal contact with an action plan established in advance and continually monitored and tweaked for performance. It’s a mind-set of the sponsor and team member to take advantage of; as Mike Dillard would say, “Ignorance on Fire”. This is in that first 90 day window.

Phase four is the “Patron”. This is a relationship that is built upon trust and respect and based upon the fact that you brought them to the Promised Land. This is the phase where you client becomes a patron or yours and willing to follow your lead.

We all know that no one can guarantee anyone’s success in Internet marketing. You get out what you put in and the ultimate responsibility rests with the individual. However when you portray yourself as an Internet marketing mentor and coach there is an expectation of a higher standard of performance.


Nick Ferraro is a real estate executive with a passion for assisting entrepreneurs build a home based business and achieve financial freedom. Mr. Ferraro is affiliated with Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International and provides mentoring and training. Their company goal is to create 100 millionaires by 2010. See if you qualify!

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