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Franchise development is still strong in the UK in spit of the economic downturn. In fact Brian Smart, director general of the British Franchise Association (bfa), said: "The 2008 NatWest/bfa survey, published at the start of the year, showed that the number of franchise networks had increased year on year for the last 15 years and in 2007 saw its economic contribution grow at nearly five times that of the national GDP growth (15% economic growth in franchising against a 3.1% GDP growth)."

"With the focus and hype surrounding the economic condition of the UK over more recent months, we felt it was important to hear the voice of actual businesses today; what they think; how their businesses are operating. The result was a continuing story of success and resilience."


Nick Strong launched Select Your Franchise in October 2002. The site features an extensive franchise directory of business opportunities and advertises over 100 franchise brands in the UK. Nick has over ten years of experience in domestic and overseas franchise development. Nick is the Managing Director of Select Your Franchise UK Ltd, The Franchise Supplier Showcase and FranWeb Ltd. Nick also specialises in franchisee recruitment and business development training. To find out more about ...

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