Common Sense Customer Service: Improve Your Job Skills & Provide A Great Customer Experience Book Review

Customer service is a pet topic of mine and has been for many years. When I was a kid, my grandfather talked to me many times about how important awesome customer service is to a successful business. Interesting side not - even 20 years after he died, any time I meet someone who knew him, the first thing they say is they vividly remember how great he treated his customers. So, obviously I had a great teacher.

Over the last 19 years - I've worked in many jobs that required customer service skills and they have definitely been challenging at times. Many times when I managed various businesses and with my own business - I've often wondered why no one had written an all inclusive handbook on HOW to give great customer service. Well, now it is available. I highly recommend this to anyone working in a position where they deal with the public and there is even a bonus chapter for managers and business owners - and these people definitely need to know how to give awesome customer service.

The title is Common Sense Customer Service - and honestly, from my perspective, these should all be common sense, but anyone who has been to the store lately knows that great customer service does NOT seem to be common sense. I think this content should be mandatory reading for anyone entering the work force.

These are some of the valuable topics in this book - Attitude and Personality, Telephone Basics, Communicating with Customers, Dealing with Different Types of Customers (awesome section and you will run into each of these types of customers), Under promise and Over Deliver, Know Your Limits, Deal with Stress, Good Note Keeping and much more.

The short wrap up - if you work with the public in your job you NEED to read this book. I think people who have never worked with the public should read it to get a perspective on the people they mistreat when they shop - but that's just my thoughts...


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