Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life by Dr Judith Orloff

When we know people who are stressed, discouraged, depressed, dealing with a very heavy load of problems, how can we help them? This is something I think about as I see friends and family members facing a wide array of problems and especially in these tough economic times. We also see people who reach out to help others and many that can take a toll on their own mental, emotional and physical well being. For years I looked for a way to be more optimistic in my personal life - but also in business. There were many "outside" sources that pulled me down and I just had no idea what to do to feel better about myself, my situation and much more. While I still had to work 40-60 hours a week, these personal concerns made my work schedule even more tedious. I know this is something other people deal with every day and especially entrepreneurs who have even more stress in their businesses. So, how can we balance these lives and get our emotional balance and emotional freedom - to move ourselves, our families and our businesses to a higher level?

My first suggestion is that you need to read Dr Judith

Orloff's latest book, Emotional Freedom: Liberate

Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life.

I love that title and especially "liberate yourself from negative emotions". If we can deal with the negatives in our lives - so many things are within our grasp. I'm not just saying that - I experienced it a few years ago and it is amazing what has happened in a very positive way since that time. I wish I'd had this book - it would've made my transformation easier and it is a transformation.

This is the table of contents for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff

Introduction. Emotional Freedom: The Secret to Serenity.

Part One.

1. The Path to Emotional Freedom: Beginning to Learn to Love.

2. Four Practical Secrets to Empowering Your Emotional Life.

3. Dreams and Sleep: Accessing Revolutionary States of Consciousness.

4. From Intellectuals to Empaths: What Is Your Emotional Type?

5. Combating Emotional Vampires: How to Understand and Protect Your Sensitivity.

Part Two.

6. The First Transformation: Facing Fear, Building Courage.

7. The Second Transformation: Facing Frustration and Disappointment, Building Patience.

8. The Third Transformation: Facing Loneliness, Building Connection.

9. The Fourth Transformation: Facing Anxiety and Worry, Building Inner Calm.

10. The Fifth Transformation: Facing Depression, Building Hope.

11. The Sixth Transformation: Facing Jealousy and Envy, Building Self-Esteem.

12. The Seventh Transformation: Facing Anger, Building Compassion.

Afterword. Living in Service to the Heart: The Blessing of Emotional Freedom.

The Secret to Serenity - what a great way to start this book. Who couldn't use more serenity in their lives?

I've thought about what was necessary to find emotional freedom and I know the steps I took and Dr Orloff touches on all of them and some that I didn't use --- yet. I love the first sentence in chapter one - "Your life is about to get better". Who doesn't want to hear that about their own life?

Dr Orloff takes you through her experience with emotional freedom and shows what she had to do. This isn't like taking a pill, which is only a temporary fix or a band aid. This system that she lays out - step by step - is a very attainable way to change your life and to make it more serene, more peaceful, more fulfilling and much more.

Learn your emotional type - every one has an emotional type and once you understand yourself, you can learn about significant others in your life and how to better deal with them. Some years ago I was a hospital department supervisor and every employee took a personality assessment. Then the administrators brought all supervisors in for a meeting to reveal the results.

It sounded like a waste or time, but this assessment showed each of us our emotional type and then explained the emotional type for all of the employees who reported to us.

You may wonder what good that would do. Its simple, by understanding our emotional type and our leadership type - we could better understand how we managed our departments and employees. That was powerful - but add a profile of the emotional makeup of each employee. This information showed what they needed from us and how we could adjust our style to get more from the employees.

Imagine the change in your business and your life when you learn the best way to deal with family, friends, employees - and anyone else. At that meeting, we all thought about how powerful this test would be for our personal lives and now we have that ability through Dr Orloff's book - and much more.

There are so many great aspects to this book that I could go on and on, but I'll two other things that I've recommended to many friends and family. Chapter 5 is invaluable to anyone who deals with an "emotional vampire". You may call it something else, but it's the people who seem to suck the energy out of you and the room. We can't always eliminate those people from our lives, so Dr Orloff gives step by step instructions and quizzes to help us deal with the people who drain our emotions and energy.

Part Two gives us the "Tools For Liberation". In this section, Dr Orloff gives us all the tools to transform our lives. She helps us face: fear, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and anger. Who couldn't benefit from learning to face even one of these problems?

I can't recommend this book highly enough for any facing problems. Even if you feel you're on solid emotional ground, there are things in this book that will help you. And, like me, I bet you will find many family, friends and business acquaintances that you will recommend the book to. I bought copies as gifts for a number of close friends- that's how much I value them and the content of this book.


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