How to Sue A Telemarketer by Stephen Ostrow, Esquire

The vast majority of people dislike telemarketers. While we know that it is a job and people need to work and make money, but do that have to call and bug me at the worst possible times - to make a living? Some people seem to have unreal timing - where they always call or show up at the worst possible time. Telemarketers are like that - at home they almost always call at a bad time - like at meal time or when we're racing to get ready to go out. In our businesses, there is almost never a good time for a telemarketer to call.

It seems that telemarketers are here to stay. Even with the "do not call" list - we still get telemarketer phone calls. So, is there anything we can do about telemarketers? And, while many people may dream of suing telemarketers, is it a legitimate option? Attorney, Stephen Ostrow gives us the answer in his book which gives valuable details about how to handle telemarketers, along with the legal perspective peppered with his own unique brand of humor.

I'll admit up front that I hang up on telemarketers. I feel no shame or embarrassment about this and I don't apologize for it. Yes - I have had them call me back and claim that we were disconnected. Being me, I hang up on them again. I know people who pay for caller ID or refuse to pick up "out of area" or "caller unknown" calls, because it may be a telemarketer. It seems ridiculous that people feel the need to act like this and it amazes me that more people don't hang up on them.

For about two weeks I was a telemarketer for a local newspaper and I promised myself that I would never do that again - thankfully I haven't needed to resort to that work. But there are plenty of people who work as telemarketers to put food on their tables and to keep a roof over their head. So, how can we deal with telemarketers and what can we do legally when telemarketers do cross the line? Those are two of the reasons why you need to read Stephen Ostrow's book How to Sue a Telemarketer.

This is the table of contents:

* What to Do When A Telemarketer Calls

* About the Telemarketing Act of 1991 and Updates

* How to Research the Telemarketer's Legal Name and Address

* Agent for Services to Process and Service of Summons

* Legal Complaint and Forms

* How to Prove Your Case

* Collection of Your Damages

* Unsolicited Faxes

* Specific TCPA Causes of Action

On the very first page Ostrow tells the reader that picking up this book is proof that they have decided to stop being a victim of telemarketers and to be pro-active about "reclaiming the sounds of silence".

Through the pages of his book, Ostrow gives specific examples of how to handle telemarketers. This includes the information you need to get from them, whether you can record them, how to record them legally, what to do and who to reach out to if they do cross the line and much more. He also explains the laws regarding telemarketers and when you do have a legal recourse against them.

Each chapter is packed with information on what to do and there is a "Check List Review" at the end of each chapter to make sure you got the points. I like simple reviews at the end of each chapter and especially since my reading time is often interrupted - it helps me be sure that I got the points. I know many other people have plenty of interruptions when they try to read too.

If you want to know what you can do to eliminate telemarketers from your life and how to do it properly -- you need to read How to Sue a Telemarketer: A Manual For Restoring Peace on Earth One Call at a Time by Stephen Ostrow and Ozmo Kramer. This is a simple read - even when he discusses the legal details and lays out the specifics easily for anyone to understand. Take back your "peace" and learn how to handle "newbie" telemarketer and even the most experienced callers. Imagine - handling a telemarketer instead of having them handle you for a change.


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