LIFT – Discover How Your Local Business Will Profit From Google in 2011 by Travis Smith

I am in the process of launching a new relationship coaching business and currently own a social media publicity business. So, I know the value of the internet to promote and build a business. After 18 years in promotional work - I know the major differences in the cost and results from using the internet instead of or in addition to offline and traditional marketing efforts. Over the last couple of years, I've heard more and more people talking about using the internet to promote to a local market. In my work, we work to reach a national and international audience - but I hadn't really taken the time to learn how to specifically create and optimize my online presence.

As an author and publicist - I'm really picky about how information is presented and I can't stand content that "talks down to the reader". We've all read things that give the impression that the author is so much better than the reader. As an author, I understand that my books don't mean much if no one reads them and gives something from them.

The reason I mention this is because I really enjoyed the tone (the voice) of this course. The information is presented in a way that walks you through the process, step by step. There are glossaries - because online marketing really seem to have its own language, but I insist with my clients that it's just a new dialogue. Understanding the basic terms makes it much easier to get a foothold online.

The Beginner' Quick Start Guide is a great overview to show you the parts of the plan and then the full workbook walks you through the process step by step. I also like a review at the end of each chapter and the workbook includes a checklist of the things that need to be done to complete each phase of the plan.

There are very key elements of online marketing that are critical and they are included here. They include: Google, keywords and SEO - search engine optimization. Many of the "gurus" make it seem that SEO is a huge mystery and its really not. If you don't believe me - see the section in Chapter 1 titled "SEO is Not Magic".

I often tell people that whether you love or hate Google, you want to be friends with Google and you want to attract Google's attention for your online presence. There are great tips in this course to get the attention of Google and one of the many comments I really liked is that you cannot obsess about your Google rank on a daily basis. Ranks fluctuate --- so look at it over time, update your keyword spreadsheet on a regular basis, but understand there are ups and downs that are all part of the process.

I have an extensive online presence for my books and promotional business, but now I'm building a presence for my new business and have set up my Google Places page for that business and one for my brother's business. Now its time to flesh out the plan to expand my "local footprint" - as directed in this course.

You can use the internet to reach a national or international audience, but you can also use it to reach the people in your local area. When you want to reach your local target audience, you need to utilize the tips, techniques and information in this course. Whether you need to add to existing internet knowledge or if you are just starting to promote your business online, you can find a wealth of information in this course. I also appreciated the way the information is laid out to get experienced people organized to get the best results. If you have a business, an organization or other venture that needs local exposure, you should follow the directions in this plan.


Award winning fiction and non fiction author, Nikki Leigh, provides Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing services. Nikki brings over 19 years of promotional experience and over 12 years of online promotional experience to each project. She works with her clients to help them establish and/or build their online presence and helps them learn to identify and reach the correct target market for their promotion. Promo 101 Promotional Services is always open to finding new ways to help you learn to prom...

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